Splatoon 3 Paints its Future for Switch in 2022

Nintendo has taken its fans by surprise, showing the production of Splatoon 3 in Nintendo's Direct last announcement.

Splatoon 3 was the last announcement and the one they kept best hidden from leaks
Splatoon 3 was the last announcement and the one they kept best hidden from leaks

In the first Splatoon 3 trailer, we see an Inkling standing still in the middle of the desert, while the player customizes their appearance and that of their little buddy right beside. Shortly thereafter, the Inkling moves through the massive environment to board a train.

We get a glimpse of the city that should serve as the main hub for Splatoon 3, just like in the other games in the series, as well as painting-mayhem scenes from some matches.

Here's the announcement trailer:

Splatoon 3 can be expected to bring innovations to the controls and way of playing, but it's not known what innovation the title will bring just yet. Nintendo has promised to reveal more details as the months' pass and the release approaches.

The game is scheduled to arrive on Switch in 2022, but bear in mind our circumstances, so the release date can change.

The Splatoon Series

For those who don't know, Splatoon is a series of multiplayer third-person shooter games. But instead of firearms, we have paintball guns - and if you have ever played paintball in real life, you know that getting a paint shot hurts as much as getting whipped. I'm not insinuating I get whipped occasionally or have fetishes that should not be mentioned! Moving on...

The goal is to paint the scenery in a larger quantity than the opposing team. You can also eliminate the other players with the paint or dive and hide in your colored surface. It's a game that surfaces traumas in parents who have glimpsed the destruction of the children+paint combo

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