Spider-Man is finally coming to Marvel's Avengers

A little over a year later than when it was initially promised, Spider-Man is finally coming to Marvel's Avengers.

We use the term "rough patch" to describe someone or something who is going through a rough time. However, the phrase doesn't feel the right way to describe Marvel's Avengers. Crystal Dynamics' latest title was released in September 2020. Since then, it's had an uphill climb against critics and customers alike. It's come to a point where you can't help but wonder if the developers should just give up on Marvel's Avengers already.

After a year, Spider-Man is finally coming to Marvel's Avengers.

Having said that, we'd like to give credit to Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics. Despite the dwindling player count, the game continues to receive the same amount of support that a more popular game would have.

Case in point, Marvel's Avengers is getting a new playable hero again - and it's Spider-Man!

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Can Spider-Man save Marvel's Avengers?

Marvel's Avengers is a fun single-player game that's mislabeled as a live-service title.

In an earlier article, we discussed how Marvel's Avengers' biggest problem is its live-service feature. Very few players stick around to see what else Marvel's Avengers has to offer outside of the single-player campaign. The good news is that the campaign itself is good. There's over a dozen hours' worth of content before things sour. Basically, all the game's development team needs to do is to give players more story missions to play to give them a reason to come back.

Thankfully, this is exactly what's happening on November 30. Marvel's Avengers is set to receive a bunch of new content just before November ends. The main highlight is a new playable hero in the form of everybody's friendly neighborhood superhero.

The sudden announcement of new Marvel's Avengers content comes just days after Square Enix removed a certain pay-to-win mechanic from the game. It's not clear if this move is a means to save face and cover-up that mess as quickly as possible, but we're hoping that the game's upcoming character isn't rushed.

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Unfortunately, Square Enix did not release any gameplay footage of Spider-Man in Marvel's Avengers. However, it is confirmed that Spider-Man is coming to the game alongside patch 2.2. If it's any consolation, we do know that Spider-Man's arrival comes with a new story mission that sees Spider-Man work together with the titular superhero team. Interestingly, this Spider-Man is intent on keeping his identity a secret from everyone else, including the rest of the team. He's also been working solo for a long time, so he struggles to acclimate within a team setting.

Spider-Man comes just a few months after Black Panther came to Marvel's Avengers.

Patch 2.2 is also going to introduce a new raid involving the War for Wakanda supervillain, Klaw, as well as increase the maximum Power Level in the game from 150 to 175. The game is also getting a new gacha-like feature known as Shipment along with the update. Players can buy Shipment using the game's in-game currency, which they can then open and receive in-game cosmetics and resources, as well as an exclusive premium costume. Alternatively, players will receive the same costume after they've opened 100 Shipments.

While the upcoming Marvel's Avengers update is certainly good news, not everyone will get a chance to enjoy it. As Square Enix made clear last year, Spider-Man is a PlayStation exclusive. This means that players on the Xbox, PC, and Stadia, won't be able to play as Spider-Man.

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