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Spider-Man 4 is being fast-tracked according to sources

Tom Holland will be back as the web-slinger after signing a deal for another trilogy.


Spider-Man: No Way Home was a massive box-office success. Sony and Marvel earned a whopping $1.9 billion in ticket sales from the movie. Fans were thrilled that Marvel Studios managed to bring all three actors who played as Peter Parker in one film.

Well, the film started another debate regarding Spider-Man after Andrew Garfield reprised his role. Fans have been calling for a third Spider-Man movie for Garfield, as he is the only one that does not have a trilogy, yet.

Both Marvel and Sony had other ideas, though, and it was recently reported that Tom Holland signed on to star in another trilogy as well as two other Marvel projects. Sony also hinted at the merging of the Sony's Spider-Man Universe with the Marvel Cinematic Universe during the post-credits scene of Venom: Let There be Carnage.

Now, multiple sources confirm Sony is fast-tracking Spider-Man 4. The ever-reliable Marvel leakers Tom Smith and The Cosmic Circus' Alex P shared the new information regarding the upcoming fourth installment of the Spider-Man series.

According to Alex P, the movie is at an advanced stage of pre-production, and an announcement is coming soon. Smith shared that Sony is looking for a director to helm the project - Jon Watts is reportedly not going to be involved having suffered from "superhero burnout" after directing the first three films.

Sony also wants Zendaya to return as Michelle "MJ" Jones-Watson. Zendaya and co-star Jacob Batalon have reportedly not yet been signed on to a fourth movie.

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Spider-Man 4 will alter the movie release timeline for Phase 5 and 6.

There has been reports that Sony wants Spider-Man 4 to be released in July 2024. If true, then Marvel would be forced to move The Thunderbolts to a later date. Insiders believe that The Thunderbolts will be premiering in the fall, moving the end of Phase 5 of the MCU by a few months.

Deadpool 3, which will be headlining Phase 6 of the MCU may be moved to February 2025. It would in turn delay the Fantastic Four reboot to around May 2025.

Marvel will also need to figure out where it can fit Armor Wars and the Shang-Chi sequel into the timeline. The studio opted to make Armor Wars into a feature film rather than a TV series as it fits the narrative better. The Shang-Chi sequel was announced in December 2021 after the success of the first movie.

With all the changes, we could see the end of the Multiverse Saga pushed back to around November 2026. For now, take all this speculation with a grain of salt as Sony and Marvel Studios have not yet made any official announcements regarding Spider-Man 4.

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