Games are pulling off spectacular plays using the Halo Infinite grappling hook

Halo Infinite hasn't even released yet, but ingenious players have already found clever ways to use the Grappleshot.

The concept of using grappling hooks in video games has been around for a while. Several titles have made use of the added mobility offered by the versatile tool. This is why fans were salivating at the chance to use Halo Infinite's very own grappling hook when 343 Industries revealed the first footage of the innovative weapon quite some time ago. Fast forward to today and gamers are already finding ways to use Halo Infinite's version of the grappling hook.

The grappling hook is a game-changer in every sense of the word.

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The Grappleshot is heaven-sent for Halo Infinite trick shots

Halo Infinite's version of the grappling hook is formally known as the Grappleshot. Players can use this pickup to grab things from a distance or pull objects and other players towards them. It's a useful tool that lets players traverse the map quickly and pull off some pretty amazing feats. One player, in particular, has gone viral for showing off how powerful the Grappleshot is in the right hands.

After 343 confirmed that the second technical multiplayer preview was good to go, one skilled participant took it upon himself to demonstrate the Grappleshot.

In a now-viral post on Reddit, u/RoyalCheek used the grappling hook with such deadly accuracy that you'd be mistaken for thinking that you were watching someone mod Spider-Man into Halo Infinite. The specific sequence involving a Warthog will have you begging for more.

The grapple is pretty cool from halo

Of course, 343 knows all too well just how easily overpowered things can become in a Halo game. This is why the Grappleshot is a pick-up with only three uses. This means that you can't just go around swinging the Grappleshot like Spider-Man. You'll need to know how to use it and when to use it, which, when you think about it, only makes u/RoyalCheek's montage all the more amazing.

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You can only imagine just how much more skilled players will become at using the Grappleshot in the future.

Players have only had a chance to use the Grappleshot for a few days. You can only imagine just how much better everyone will be at using the Grappleshot in the future.

With another technical preview scheduled next weekend and quite possibly more in the weeks to come, we can expect more of these highlights to hit the internet in the lead-up to Halo Infinite's release. Then, once Halo Infinite is here on December 8, 2021, you can bet that you'll be seeing videos of players using the Grappleshot on your social media feed for a while.

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