Original source debunks Penn Badgley as Fantastic Four lead rumors

Penn Badgley as Mister Fantastic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not a sure thing yet.

You star, Penn Badgley, is currently the front-runner to play Reed Richards in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's upcoming Phase 6 film, Fantastic Four. So, you can only imagine how quickly the internet jumped at the chance of labeling his MCU debut as a sure thing when a reporter corroborated the recent rumors. But, it appears that all the hype was premature as the original source has quickly shot down all the talks.

Penn Badgley's relatively light filming schedule makes him a good candidate for a prominent MCU role.

Devin Faraci recently appeared on the Marvelvision podcast where he claimed that Badgley "probably has the role [of Mister Fantastic] already." As the internet does, the info spread like wildfire in just a few hours. However, the reporter later took to Twitter to clarify that his source was just "Reddit and gut instinct." It appears that Faraci wasn't sharing info based on facts but from what he saw online.

Penn has worn several hats over the years, so we wouldn't be surprised if he brings something new to the table as Reed Richards.

If nothing else, Badgley would certainly fit the bill of a genius-intellect individual who might or might not always be the most likable person in the room. Badgley currently stars as Joe Goldberg in Netflix's hit original series, You, which was renewed for a fourth season. If we are assuming that Badgley's schedule remains light heading into late 2024 - Marvel's Fantastic Four won't come out for the next two years - he'll have enough time on his hands to make a presumably long-term commitment to the MCU.

While this is all hypothetical, we shouldn't dismiss the power of fan casting. Marvel Studios proved that it listened to its fans when it cast John Krasinski to play Mister Fantastic from an alternate universe in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. We can assume that this was a one-off thing after this version of the world's smartest man died at the hands of the Scarlet Witch, who was masterfully played by Elizabeth Olsen.

With the entire Phase 5 slate already confirmed, all eyes are now on Phase 6. As the first film in the final chapter of the Multiverse Saga, a lot is riding on Marvel's Fantastic Four. The upcoming comic book movie doesn't have a director yet after Jon Watts dropped out. But, the rumors suggest that Marvel is in talks with Matt Shakman.

Regardless of who will helm Marvel's Fantastic Four, we can guarantee that Kevin Feige will want the director to skip the origin story and delve straight into the meat of things.

Ray Ampoloquio
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