Sony's PS Plus games for December 2021 have leaked online

If the rumors are true, then Godfall's arrival to the PS Plus library is long overdue.

With November coming to an end, it's time for the monthly speculation of what the next free PS Plus games are going to be, just a few days before Sony comes out and confirms the titles themselves of course.

We're certain that audiences will love playing Godfall if it's free for PS Plus subscribers.

Earlier this month, several fans claimed to have come across information suggesting Heavenly Bodies as one of the PS Plus games for December 2021. However, according to a more reliable set of sources, Sony has something bigger planned for PS Plus subscribers before the year ends.

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What are the PS Plus games for December 2021?

Godfall would've probably fare better on the market if Sony made the game available to PS Plus subscribers much earlier.

Before we proceed, we'd like to remind you that Sony hasn't confirmed the PS Plus games for December 2021 yet. The announcement isn't going to come at least for a few more days.

With that said, the source is pretty legit. Dealabs successfully leaked last month's PS Plus games and their predictions have proven to be spot-on in the past as well. Because of this, many are considering Dealab's latest leak as true. As for what games Dealab is claiming will be a part of the December 2021 PS Plus lineup, it's: Godfall, Mortal Shell, and Lego DC Super-Villains. In addition, Mortal Shell might not be available worldwide, so fans from other parts of the globe might get a different game.

Naturally, the highlight of the leak is Godfall. Sony announced earlier this year that the former PS5 exclusive was coming to the PS4. It appears that the backport wasn't enough to help Godfall, which is probably why Sony is making the game available for free for PS Plus subscribers.

Mind you, the other games aren't too shabby either. Mortal Shell is one of the best soulslike games around. Meanwhile, LEGO DC Super-Villains is a fun LEGO game that lets you take control of supervillains as opposed to playing as the good guys.

If we assume that Dealabs' leak is true, then PS Plus subscribers are in for quite the month this December.

Until then, PS Plus subscribers still have time to claim the PS Plus games for November 2021. Despite the criticism, Sony's PS Plus lineup for November 2021 wasn't half-bad. It included games such as Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, First Class Trouble, and Knockout City, as well as several other VR-only titles. If you still haven't gotten your copy of the aforementioned games yet, be sure to do so. You'll only have a few days left to add more noteworthy games to your PlayStation library.

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