Sony's El Muerto may not be able to make its release date

A new rumor suggests that the Spider-Man spinoff will be delayed.

Sony is building its own take on the Marvel franchise, as it owns the rights to Spider-Man and some related characters. While some of the projects in Sony’s slate of Spider-Man-related content are on schedule, the upcoming El Muerto may not make its release date.

A new rumor suggests that El Muerto may have been delayed.

Sony has a good lineup of upcoming films including Kraven the Hunter, Madame Web, Venom 3, and El Muerto. Kraven is already set for release this coming October while Madame Web has just recently finished filming.

Venom 3, which may be Tom Hardy’s last project as the anti-hero, is slowly getting there. Hardy, who is a fan favorite and deeply invested in the role, is co-writing the script for the movie with director Kelly Marcel.

While these projects are coming along nicely, a new rumor suggests that El Muerto may not be finished in time for its announced release date. The spin-off starring Bad Bunny may have been delayed as there have been no updates about the film.

This information was shared on Twitter by reliable insider Big Screen Leaks, among other tidbits. A user asked the insider about updates for El Muerto during a recent Ask Me Anything session on the social media platform.

There hasn't been a casting or filming update for the upcoming movie.

"What's happening with El Muerto? " @Shreksveryown asked. "It’s dated for January 12, 2024, so I'm sure a delay is happening, but we haven't heard anything about what's going on." Big Screen Leaks replied, "I'm hearing that it's very unlikely to make that date."

This new update on El Muerto does not come as a surprise, as there has been no news about the movie with a little over ten months before it is set to premiere. Sony has not yet revealed the cast or filming schedule for the project. Only Bad Bunny has been cast in the titular role of El Muerto.

Sony also moved the premiere of Madame Web to February 16, 2024, which is a strong indication that El Muerto won’t be making its January premiere. It is unlikely that the studio would release two big Marvel movies just a month apart. With Madame Web shifted to February, we may see El Muerto slot in between the former and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, which premieres in June.

The delay may work to El Muerto's advantage as the studio can make adjustments to the film based on fan reception of other projects.

The delay may be a good thing for El Muerto as it gives the production team ample time for re-shoots based on the audience reception to Kraven and Madame Web. Sony may also use the extra time to add to the story based on how fans react to the other movies.

El Muerto is currently scheduled to premiere on January 12, 2024. Sony has yet to announce any changes to the release date as of writing.

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