Sony unveils first trailer for Gran Turismo

The upcoming movie adaptation of the racing simulation game premiered the new trailer at CES.

At long last, we finally have a trailer for the upcoming Gran Turismo movie. Sony gave fans a sneak peek into the upcoming movie adaptation of the popular racing simulation series and it's setting up to be quite the spectacle.

gran turismo movie cover
Sony gives fans a first glimpse of Gran Turismo.

Sony unveiled the first official trailer for Gran Turismo at this year's CES event, which stands for Consumer Electronics Show. The annual trade show is currently happening at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Winchester, Nevada.

Sony had an hour-long showcase at the CES in which they introduced a slew of new products. A portion of the showcase was dedicated to Gran Turismo where creator Kazunori Yamauchi talked at length about the racing simulation game. Sony Pictures Entertainment President Sanford Panitch, Playstation Productions Head Asad Qizilbash, and director Neill Blomkamp went up on stage to unveil the new trailer.

The new trailer shows cast members Archie Madekwe, David Harbour, and Orlando Bloom during the filming of the movie. The game is based on the story of the Gran Turismo player turned professional racer Jann Mardenborough (Madekwe). Harbour will be playing the role of trainer Jack Salter while Bloom portrays Danny Moore, a motorsport executive.

The trailer shows off what looks like a faithful recreation of the Gran Turismo experience. The cinematography looks to be based on the replay system found in GT7 and the sounds coming from the race cars are also on point.

Panitch revealed that Playstation Productions is developing ten live-action adaptations in both movies and television series, which likely include God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon, and maybe even an Uncharted sequel. He also stated that Gran Turismo has just recently finished filming the movie with director Neill Blomkamp flying in directly from the set to CES.

Blomkamp shared his attachment to the project as this was based on a real person with a "super emotional" story. The director also adds, "I love cars and it was this opportunity to shoot high-adrenaline car photography in a way that really excited me."

Blomkamp revealed that cinematographers for the movie used Rialtos when filming inside the cockpit of the racing cars. The tiny sensor blocks were used as the race cars had very cramped cockpits. The tiny cameras were also used to film the exterior and POV shots to mimic the angles from the Gran Turismo game.

Playstation Productions head Asad Qizilbash shared Sony’s approach towards the making of the live-action adaptation. "We carefully considered how we appeal to both the longtime fans the game and newcomers. We balanced that with Uncharted and I think we were very successful," Qizilbash stated.

He adds, "Now with Gran Turismo, we feel it has all the elements to do that as well. It has this incredible, compelling true story. And it has an onscreen experience that elicits the same emotional ride gaming gives you, and also racing gives you. And for PlayStation, we really wanted the spirit and the energy of the game to be captured. Neill was the perfect filmmaker to do that."

gran turismo movie art
The filmmakers used tiny cameras to recreate the POV of Gran Turismo players in the movie.

Aside from revealing the trailer for the upcoming Gran Turismo movie, Sony also took this time to reveal Project Leonardo and talk more about the PSVR 2 as well as the Sony Honda Mobility partnership and Sony's ongoing collaboration with Epic Games and Unreal Engine 5.

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