Sony has officially unveiled the design of the PSVR2

It appears that the PSVR2 will be taking heavy inspiration from the design of the PlayStation 5.

Sony is starting to drop more information about the PlayStation VR2 headset. After confirming the upcoming VR headset earlier this year and just weeks after stealth-dropping the official website, Sony has revealed what the PSVR2 headset and PSVR2 Sense controllers will look like.

According to Sony, the PSVR2 will represent "a giant leap forward in the way we play games in virtual reality."

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Senior vice president for platform experience Hideki Nishino took the lead in a recent PlayStation blog post, highlighting the slimmer and lighter design of the PSVR2 compared to the current and outgoing PSVR model.

Nishino also shared a few words from senior art director Yujin Morisawa, who proudly claimed that he had added a cooling vent in the PSVR2's design. This way, sweaty gamers don't have to worry too much about keeping themselves cool. At the same time, the vent should help minimize lens fogging if not completely prevent it from happening.

The PSVR2 mirrors the same aesthetic as the DualSense and the PS5.

Judging from the looks of it, Sony didn't deviate too much from the initial PSVR2 prototypes showcased last year. The cohesive design of the PSVR2, PS5 console, and the DualSense should incentivize buyers to pick one up.

While the PSVR2 will be a notable improvement compared to the original PSVR, Sony has retained a handful of design choices. For example, the PSVR2 will continue to use the same adjustable headband and scope. However, unlike the PSVR, the PSVR2 will come with an adjustment dial that will help make matching the lens distance between the wearer's eyes easier. Sony also took the same textured surface from the PS5 and put it on the PSVR2.

As per their previous announcement, the PSVR2 will come with inside-out camera tracking and eye-tracking, as well as a tactile feedback motor built onto the headset with a 4K HDR display and a cord for connecting to the unit. Even though Sony still hasn't confirmed when the PSVR2 is going to launch, fans already have one game to look forward to: the VR spin-off to the Horizon series, Horizon Call of the Mountain.

The PSVR2's pricing and library will determine its success on the market.

As useful as these new details about the PSVR2 are, Sony still has yet to reveal a couple of things. For example, Sony still hasn't confirmed how much the PSVR2 will cost. Judging by the significant price hike between the PS4 and the PS5, it would be reasonable to expect Sony to price the PSVR2 at a premium over the original PSVR. Also, Sony hasn't confirmed if the PSVR2 will be backward compatible with PSVR games. But, if we were to hazard a guess, we wouldn't put it past Sony to sell the PSVR2 at a loss to attract buyers.

In other news, Sony just cast Dakota Johnson in the lead role for the upcoming live-action feature film, Madame Web. Also, earlier this month, Sony confirmed in a recent earnings call that it plans to release at least ten live-service games by 2026.

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