Sony reportedly has more unannounced PlayStation hardware coming soon

A trusted insider reveals that Sony is gearing up to reveal more PlayStation hardware sooner rather than later.

Sony is reportedly reeling from the paltry sales numbers of the PSVR2 at launch.

With E3 2023 out for this year and most companies opting to hold a showcase or join Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest in June, Sony has been uncharacteristically quiet about its plans.

But, it appears it might be preparing to announce more stuff at its still-unconfirmed PlayStation Showcase sometime in May and/or June.

Previously, Tom Henderson revealed Sony is working on a PS5 Pro after claiming the console manufacturer is prioritizing work on PS6 over a mid-cycle refresh.

Now, Henderson says Sony has more unannounced hardware in the pipeline that's coming out soon and it's definitely not the PS5 Pro.

Naturally, fans are trying to piece together what this could all mean.

In an ideal world, Sony will release a new handheld console. Sony previously had two attempts at competing against Nintendo in the handheld console market. The first one, the PlayStation Portable, did relatively well and sold more than 80 million units in 10 years. Unfortunately, its successor, the PlayStation Vita, didn't do particularly well on the market. Still, it carved out a loyal fanbase that are still asking for a third handheld console from Sony.

What are the chances that Sony will revisit the handheld console gaming market?

Given Nintendo's bullish stance on the Switch and the popularity of the Steam Deck, the worst thing that Sony can do is to give casual audiences a third mainstream option while catering to hardcore PSVita fans.

But, most likely, Sony will just release the long-rumored PlayStation 5 slim that's been leaked several times already. Even if Sony hasn't confirmed that a PS5 with a detachable disk drive is coming, there's plenty of evidence online suggesting that it's coming sooner rather than later.

Of course, Sony might be doubling down on its new line of gaming peripherals. Sony revealed the INZONE lineup last year and it could've sold well enough that Sony is releasing a new line.

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