Sony to Release Two New DualSense Colors Starting in June

After an entire weekend full of rumors, Sony has finally confirmed that it is going to release two new DualSense colors soon.

Starting June, two new DualSense colors will be available on top of the default white option.

Starting in June, the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red colors will be joining the default black-and-white colorway. Leo Cardoso of the Sony Interactive Entertainment design team explained that the specific colors were chosen as they "felt like a natural progression from the original PS5 and accessories designs."

Sony Finally Gives Fans More DualSense Color Options

Unfortunately, getting your hands on a PS5 these days remains just as difficult as it was in November 2020.

One of the most surprising things about Sony's DualSense reveal was the colorway. Most were shocked that Sony went with a drastically different theme. Sony had usually gone with black and gray controllers since the original PlayStation back in the 90s. In fact, the DualShock 2, 3, and 4, all released with black colors by default.

So, when Sony revealed the black-and-white color of the DualSense, most weren't quite sure what to make of it. This is especially since Microsoft went with a similar look for the new controller of their next-gen console, the Xbox Series X.

With that said, the public and critical reception to the DualSense has, so far, been good. The features that most believed were a gimmick at first have been praised as having helped make games more impressive.

So, for Sony to finally give fans what they wanted a little over a year after first unveiling the DualSense is a big deal.

In addition to what is expected to be a fan-favorite color, Midnight Black, Sony is also releasing a new DualSense color, Cosmic Red. Both are set to hit store shelves starting in June.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Senior Director, Isabelle Tomatis, described the Midnight Black color as having "two subtly different shades of black with light grey", claiming that it's a reflection of how we perceive "space through the night sky". Meanwhile, the Cosmic Red version was said to have been "inspired by the unique vivid shades of red found throughout the cosmos.

According to SIE designer Leo Cardoso, both controllers were designed "around the theme of galaxy". Meanwhile, another designer, Satoshi Aoyagi, revealed that both controllers also feature a "subtle blue hue". He claims that it allows the controllers the produce "unique shades of red and black."

Right now, Sony has only announced new DualSense colors. There's no news as of yet for new PlayStation 5 designs and/or colors. But, if it's any consolation, the PlayStation 5 does have removable faceplates. This means that Sony or other companies could manufacture matching plates for those who would like to customize how their PS5 looked. In fact, companies like Dbrand have already started making custom faceplates.

While Sony did confirm that the new color schemes will be available to purchase in June, Sony also clarified that the dates also depend on individual retailers. Sony also did not announce the pricing of the new DualSense colors. However, we shouldn't expect it to sell much more than the standard DualSense controller at $69.99.

Of course, as much as having new DualSense controllers to choose from is a cause for celebration, this is good news only for those who can get their hands on a PS5. For most people, getting a PS5 is difficult if not impossible.

Sony has admitted that the PS5 shortage is expected to last well into 2022.

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