Sony to reveal new gaming headsets and monitors next week

It appears that Sony is launching a new brand of gaming peripherals aimed to supplement the PlayStation brand.

It definitely looks like Sony is preparing to diversify its portfolio once again. And, no, we're not just talking about its interest in porting more of its exclusives to the PC.

Sony already has a successful line of TVs, so a switch to gaming monitors isn't really that far-fetched.

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According to freelance writer and insider, Tom Henderson, Sony is gearing up to launch a new lineup of gaming headsets and monitors next week. Interestingly enough, the reports comes on the heels of Henderson's own claims that Sony is working on a PS5 Pro controller and that a State of Play showcase is scheduled for next week.

Henderson reveals that Sony will brand the incoming headsets and monitors as "INZONE." The initial lineup of the headsets will be the H3, H7, and H9. Meanwhile, Henderson says the monitors are "perfect for PS5". One will have a 4K resolution with a 144hz refresh rate and the other will have a refresh rate of 240Hz at 1080p.

If true, the products are interesting, to say the least. All three headsets will come with 360 spatial sound, including the cheapest one, the H3. Meanwhile, the H7 and H9 will have the advantage of having the best battery life and noise-canceling, respectively.

Sony's best-performing headset models aren't cheap, but they're well worth the added premium.

Ultimately, Sony deserves the benefit of the doubt. Sony has a long and extensive history in audio-video technology. Most of their headphones and TVs are unmatched. If Sony brings the same expertise into the gaming space, the quality is all but guaranteed. However, we're concerned about the pricing; Sony often prices its products at a premium. Hopefully, Sony finds the perfect balance between pricing its upcoming gaming peripherals without a drop in the expected quality.

With only a week left before June ends, we'll find out more about the INZONE lineup soon enough.

Speaking of Sony, we're still waiting on the console manufacturer to confirm its upcoming live service games for FY2023. We also just found out that Sony Pictures Entertainment is working on a live-action adaptation of the popular manga and anime series, One Punch Man, with Justin Lin at the helm.

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