Sony releases God of War Ragnarök’s day 1 patch notes

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Santa Monica Studios have released the fixes for the bugs in the forthcoming God of War entry.

Santa Monica Studio, the developer of the God of War video game series, has launched the day 1 patch notes for the forthcoming God of War Ragnarök video game hours before its release. The studio shared these notes on its website earlier today.

Sony released the patch notes hours ahead of the game's release.

One of the most anticipated video games of 2022, the soon-to-be-released game has the second-highest rating for 2022 games and is a contender for this year’s Game of the Year award. To ensure it is in perfect condition for gameplay, the development team has released the necessary fixes for its bugs, glitches, and design errors.

Players should know these patch notes aren't required to play the game. But, Santa Monica Studio studio advised players to download and install the patch for a better experience. In its words, "We strongly encourage you to download this patch to ensure you have the best possible experience when you play on Nov. 9!"

The patch features more than 160 fixes and upgrades the game to version 02.00, which comes with a slew of improvements to the dialogue, cinematics, quests, and so much more.

The primary bugs in the video game include annoying or confusing moments where the final boss failed to appear on cue or where the game crashes while loading a save file. Also, major fixes include a more stable frame rate, improved companion behavior and in-game compass, and reduced crash frequency, among others.

A third-person action-adventure video game, God of War Ragnarök is the ninth installment in the God of War franchise and the second and final game in Kratos' romp through Norse mythology. The game picks up on the events of the original God of War, taking place three years after the 2018 game.

God of War Ragnarok is the second-highest rated game of 2022 and one of behind FromSoftware's Elden Ring,

God of War Ragnarök will launch on November 9 exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It is the first cross-gen entry in the series. Unfortunately, while it will run well on the PlayStation 4, it will also put a strain on the older console thereby making it very loud.

Meanwhile, we have provided some of the fixes in the patch notes below. These fixes contain spoilers and we recommend you stop reading if you don’t want spoilers. Also, you can check out the rest of the patch notes here.



  • Fixed several cases where dialog would not play from shopkeepers.
  • Fixed a case where shop dialog would repeat too frequently.


  • Fixed a case where the cinematic did not play when entering the office in the quest “The Quest for Tyr.”
  • Fixed a case where a cinematic did not play during the quest “The Lost Sanctuary.”
  • Fixed a case where backtracking during the quest “The Lost Sanctuary” caused a story beat to not occur.

Quests and Progression

  • Fixed a case where an NPC would reappear after completing the quest “Cure for the Dead.”
  • Fixed an instance where the player would be unable to interact with an NPC in the quest “The World of Fate.”
  • Fixed a case where the companion would not activate a puzzle element in the quest “The World of Fate.”


  • Fixed several cases where enemy loot would fall in inaccessible places and could only be retrieved from the lost items chest in the shop.
  • Fixed a few cases where the companion would get stuck and not follow the player.
  • Fixed cases where the companion would behave erratically.


  • Fixed a rare case where the final boss does not appear in the final boss fight, requiring a restart from previous checkpoint to correct.
  • Fixed several cases where canceling a move to evade would not properly cancel.
  • Fixed a case where projectiles from a player weapon would be invisible.


  • Made improvements to the compass throughout the game.
  • Made tutorial timing adjustments throughout the game.
  • Made improvements to font rendering.

Stability and Performance

  • Fixed several conditions that could cause a temporary drop in frame rate.
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur when browsing the journal.


Made general improvements to the Audio Mix.

Fixed a case where dialog and sound effects would stop playing, requiring a reboot of the application to restore.


  • Fixed a case where the characters would become unresponsive in the quest “The Lost Sanctuary.”
  • Made improvements to the Navigation Assist feature throughout the game.


  • Fixed several alignment issues with Arabic text in the menu screens.
  • Fixed a few missing lines of dialog in Russian.
  • Fixed a case of incorrect information for armor stats in Arabic.

PS5 Specific

  • Implemented additional tuning and coverage for DualSense controller haptics.

PS4 Specific

  • Fixed several instances of loading hitches.
  • Fixed a few cases where the world would load in slowly causing temporarily degraded graphics.
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