Sony Just Registered the Sunset Overdrive Trademark

At the risk of making much ado about nothing, we'd like to let you know that Sony, for some reason, has just registered a trademark for 2014's Xbox-exclusive shooter, Sunset Overdrive.

By registering the Sunset Overdrive trademark, Sony is hinting at a potential PS4 or PS5 release of the former Xbox-exclusive.

Is Sunset Overdrive Coming to PlayStation?

Sunset Overdrive was one of Insomniac Games' last games before Sony acquired the studio in 2019.

Eagle-eyed observers spotted Sony registering the trademark for Sunset Overdrive in late April. Of course, registering trademarks at the US Patent and Trademark Office happens all the time. So, why is this any different? Well, for starters, Sunset Overdrive, as previously mentioned, was formerly exclusive to the Xbox One. It was first released in 2014 and would only make its way to other platforms, particularly the PC, in 2018.

So, what gives? Why did Sony register the trademark for Sunset Overdrive? At the moment, Sony has yet to provide an announcement explaining their decision. The only thing that we know for sure right now is that the status of the Sunset Overdrive trademark was updated to "Registered" last April 26, 2021. This was done by Matthew Kuykendall, who is Sony Interactive Entertainment's Senior Corporate Counsel.

When Is Sunset Overdrive Coming to PlayStation Consoles?

Nearly a year has passed since Insomniac Games teased a Sunset Overdrive sequel on Twitter.

More than 7 years after it was first released, Sunset Overdrive still receives content updates on Steam. Many consider Sunset Overdrive one of the better Xbox exclusives, with it being nominated at the BAFTA Games Award for Best Original Property.

With that said, Sony has technically owned the Sunset Overdrive trademark since acquiring Insomniac Games in 2019. Weirdly enough, Drew Murray, who served as the director on Sunset Overdrive, recently rejoined Insomniac Games. Thus, for Sony to register the trademark for Sunset Overdrive after this and nearly a year after Insomniac Games first teased a sequel back in June 2020 just seems too much of a coincidence.

Of course, we and dozens of other media outlets could just be blowing things up. It wouldn't be the first time this has happened in the past few weeks.

Still, we're hoping that Sony does do something related to Sunset Overdrive soon. Case in point, Sony could try and get a feel for fan interest by releasing Sunset Overdrive. For example, Sony could make Sunset Overdrive a free title as part of the Play at Home initiative. Conversely, Sony could also include Sunset Overdrive in the PlayStation Plus June 2021 lineup. Sony could still even do both to help tease a potential sequel before showcasing Sunset Overdrive 2 at a later Sony State of Play event.

At the moment, Insomniac Games is busy working on Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart with Marvel's Spider-Man 2 all but confirmed as the studio's next project.

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