Sony is pulling PS Now cards from physical stores

It appears that Sony is preparing to announce a replacement for PS Now anytime soon.

There has been rumors that Sony is planning on merging its PlayStation Now subscription service with PlayStation Plus under a different name. Around the same time these rumors emerged, talks of Sony pulling PlayStation Now gift cards in the United States started popping up. Now, it appears that Sony is making the move global as retailers in the UK are reporting the same thing as well.

A Sony spokesperson didn't exactly flat out deny that the move is related to Project Spartacus.

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Is Sony preparing to launch Project Spartacus?

The earlier reports put Spartacus' release date somewhere around Spring 2022.

Back in December, there were reports that Sony was planning a three-tier subscription service that would combine both the PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now under one offering. Although Sony hasn't confirmed it this year, their most recent moves suggest that it's only a matter of time before the new service is officially announced.

According to VentureBeat, GAME, a video game retailer based in the UK, sent a message to all its stories earlier this week. The message contained phrasing requiring all stores to stop selling all PS Now cards. However, VentureBeat's report says that a Sony spokesperson later elaborated, and instead of "confirming" the merge, the spokesperson said that Sony wants to transition to "cash denomination PlayStation gift cards" that players can use to redeem for PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus, among others.

However, fans aren't buying it. Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, in particular, shared his thoughts on VentureBeat's story on Twitter. He noted that the recent events suggest that Sony is preparing to launch Spartacus. This would line up with the details from the aforementioned report about Project Spartacus. It claimed that the three-tier service will launch in Spring 2022.

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Unfortunately, this is all just speculation. Until Sony makes an official announcement, it's best to take everything that you just read with a grain of salt. Although, if you are a fan of Sony's PS Now service, we understand if you're holding out hope for Spartacus.

In an earlier article, we talked about how Sony could improve PS Now to compete against the Xbox Game Pass. Even if it is a cheaper service with a more robust video game library, the Game Pass is catching up in the numbers game. Not to mention, more and more games are launching on the Game Pass directly. Spartacus won't necessarily address this issue, but it would help put PS Now in a better position to compete.

In other news, fans are still waiting for Sony to confirm the unannounced State of Play event for February. After holding similar events in February for the past three years, fans are expecting Sony to do the same this year.

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