Sony is believed to be preparing for a huge pre-E3 PlayStation showcase

It appears that there's a good reason why Sony's most recent State of Play showcase was relatively low-key compared to previous outings.

Believe it or not, Sony hasn't had a proper PlayStation Showcase in nearly two years. Specifically, we got our last PlayStation Showcase two years ago in September 2021 when Sony officially revealed more information about last year's GOTY frontrunner, God of War: Ragnarok. Since then, fans have been waiting when Sony will hold a similarly-sized showcase next. But, if you believe the rumors, the next PlayStation Showcase is just right around the corner.

Fans have been waiting for a PlayStation Showcase as big as the one Sony had for the official PS5 reveal.

Jeff Grubb had this to share in a recent YouTube video about when the next PlayStation Showcase will happen:

Sony itself is saving its own actual good stuff for something else which is what's happening here, they're saving their good stuff for the PlayStation Showcase that's going to happen before E3. It was supposed to happen last fall but they kept pushing it back because their developers weren't ready, but now those developers are ready, they're going to have a massive show that really sets up the second phase of the PS5.

Grubb most recently predicted the recently-concluded State of Play event where, among other things, Rocksteady Studios took center stage to confirm the Battle Pass for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League while Sony revealed next month's PS Plus lineup earlier than usual.

So, if we're going to believe someone about an upcoming PlayStation Showcase, it might as well be Grubb.

The Last of Us' multiplayer spin-off is expected to bridge the gap between The Last of Us Part II and Part III.

In addition, Sony's next big first-party game, Marvel's Spider-Man 2, is coming out later this year. Afterward, Sony's first-party slate for 2024 is pretty barren, which is why a PlayStation Showcase this year makes sense.
Now, as for whether it will happen before E3 2023 or not, well, it's very much like Sony to try and steal some of E3's thunder from it. Keep in mind that Sony was the first of the big three to bow out of E3, mostly because it found out that people would flock to its showcase anyway regardless of whether it was at a live event or not.

Ultimately, it's exciting we're finally getting the first PlayStation Showcase in nearly two years. Now that Sony's first-party studios have had a lot of time to cook something up, we can't wait to find out what's in store for the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation VR 2 going forward.

Off the top of our heads, some of the games that may appear at the pre-E3 PlayStation Showcase are the multiplayer spin-off to The Last of Us, a new game by Bungie, the Uncharted reboot, as well as new installments in the Gran Turismo and Horizon series.

Naughty Dog appears to have moved on from the Uncharted franchise.

By the way, Sony's probably not going to be the only one to skip E3 2023 in favor of doing their own showcase. Nintendo won't be at the June event and will probably have a smaller event planned around the same time. Microsoft hasn't officially announced its non-appearance yet but many presume it's only a matter of time.

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