Sony patent suggests plans for cross-platform trading of NFTs

According to the details found in the patent, the framework would allow the trading of NFTs across multiple platforms.

We're curious to find out how the market would react if a company as big as Sony decided to get into NFTs.

Many individuals in the gaming industry dedicate their valuable time to sifting through patents to find clues of what might be coming. This time, one patent from Sony hints at the company's potentially controversial plans.

As discovered by SegmentNext in this document, Sony is looking into the possibility of exchanging non-fungible tokens across an NFT framework.

As recently as last year, mainstream media was NFT-crazy. Influencers, popular celebrities, sports figures, and even billionaires, fawned over the new technology / medium. Then, the NFT market collapsed and, just like that, public opinion on these digital blockchain-stored goods soured.

If nothing else, it's interesting that Sony is patenting a system that would let gamers transfer an NFT from one platform to another. In addition to this, the patent hints at letting players trade NFTs with each other.

While this is concerning, it shouldn't cause panic. Companies patent all sorts of stuff all of the time and, more often than not, they amount to nothing. Keep in mind that Sony averages nearly a thousand patent applications every year. Sony is likely preparing in case the market for NFTs goes up again.

The idea behind blockchain technology is still filled with potential even if initial attempts haven't gone so well.

NFTs continue to become a hot topic following their market crash. However, the consensus is more on the negative side. As a result, companies like Rockstar Games, Mojang Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, and Valve, are considered as heroes by a lot of gamers for their anti-NFT stance.

It remains to be seen if things will change anytime soon. Despite the negative view on NFTs, Square Enix still insists on releasing Symbiogenesis. DEADROP, one of the more popular upcoming NFT games, is starting to reconsider its integration of blockchain technology.

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