Sony just patented a potential design for a PlayStation mobile controller

The leading console manufacturer just filed a patent for what appears to be a PlayStation controller designed for mobile gaming.

Sony Interactive Entertainment dabbled with mobile gaming several years ago. The now-defunct PlayStation Mobile storefront was available for a handful of years in the early 2010s. However, after shutting it down back in 2015, we haven't heard much about SIE's mobile endeavor since - until now.

Sony Just Patented Playstation Mobile Controller Scaled
After a failed attempt in 2015, Sony is going back to try mobile gaming again in 2021.

According to VGC, the Japanese division of Sony just released a patent describing a system that would let gamers play games on a device with two controller handles. What's interesting here is that the design doesn't look anything like the new DualSense. Instead, the controller is more akin to the older DualShock 4's design, with a "left side grip part and a right side grip part gripped by the left and right hands of the user." The patent then goes on to include a drawing with the description of a "shaft part which can be tilted by the user and detect the tilt direction and the amount of tilt of the shaft part."

Is Sony working on a PlayStation mobile controller?

Sony Just Patented Playstation Mobile Controller
It is interesting that Sony is using the DualShock 4 as the template for the patented PlayStation mobile controller and not the DualSense.

At the moment, PlayStation doesn't technically need a mobile controller. The DualShock 4 and DualSense are already compatible with mobile devices via Bluetooth. The same goes for other aftermarket PlayStation controllers. Not to mention, there are already other mobile controllers out there. But, since Sony is planning on this kind of move, it's most likely a precursor to a deeper dive back into mobile games.

PlayStation Now subscribers can already enjoy playing mobile games using compatible mobile devices. The addition of a PlayStation Mobile controller could help make the gameplay experience more seamless.

It's worth noting that the patent comes just weeks after SIE pointed Nicola Sebastiani, the former content director over at Apple Arcade, to lead the company's mobile operations. In addition to this, eagle-eyed users also spotted several job postings by Sony suggesting that it is planning on adapting more of its games to the mobile platform with Jim Ryan confirming the move soon after.

With The Game Awards 2021 just right around the corner, Sony has the perfect opportunity to announce its mobile gaming venture.

In other mobile gaming news, Sony isn't the only one looking to get a piece of the proverbial mobile gaming pie. Earlier this year, Netflix also confirmed its mobile games expansion.

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