Sony Japan Event Recap: Every New Game Info Dropped

PlayStation Japan recently concluded a live stream event titled "Play! Play! Play!" that focused on two upcoming titles from some of Japan's most prominent video game companies.

Square Enix gave fans a chance to get a better look at Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade with a 5-minute long extended trailer.

The said event offered roughly an hour of content that focused exclusively on Resident Evil Village and Final Fantasy 7: Intergrade, both of which are expected to release on May 7 and June 10, respectively.

Here's every bit of new info regarding Resident Evil Village and Final Fantasy 7: Intergrade revealed at the Sony Japan event.

Capcom Reveals New Info on Resident Evil Village

The Sony Japan event featured interviews with the developers of Resident Evil Village. However, as expected, the entire stream was in Japanese - luckily though, a lot of gamers took it upon themselves to translate everything that was discussed.

Apparently, on top of what we already know about Resident Evil Village, the developers also talked about gameplay. In particular, about what to expect from the game in terms of weapons and combat.

Unlike previous Resident Evil titles, Capcom went with a more open-ended approach in the combat department. This means that it won't be exactly just like Resident Evil VII where you're pretty much defenseless for most of the game. Instead, players can choose between stealth, melee combat, and other non-traditional options.

In addition to this, Capcom confirmed that Resident Evil Village will have more weapons than Resident Evil 7. Capcom will also add multiple branching paths into the game so players can choose how they want to handle different situations.

One of the things that Cpacom also talked about during the interview was the new merchant named "Duke" who will apparently be your go-to store for everything you need. The said merchant will also be placed in safe areas where players can look forward to taking a breather so that they can focus more on what's ahead.

Capcom also went on to encourage players to try and replay the previous Resident Evil titles because the upcoming survival horror title will have plenty of connections to older titles and help provide an answer to some of the series' long-running questions.

Unfortunately, Capcom did not clarify which plat threads Resident Evil Village will help resolve. Nor did they talk about the expected second demo for Resident Evil Village that should be releasing soon. However, they did assure fans that the game is on track for its May 7 launch.

New Final Fantasy Remake Intergrade Trailer Drops

The second half of the Sony Japan event was dedicated to Square Enix and their upcoming title Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

The upcoming PS5 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake was already revealed in an earlier showcase, which explains why the extended trailer looks awfully familiar. However, it does come with additional content. In particular, all the graphical upgrades that the PS5 version will have like enhanced fog effects and better lighting, as well as an all-new photo mode that more creative players can tinker with.

Square Enix also took this opportunity to, once again, clarify one of the more confusing things regarding Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

Earlier this March, Sony gave away Final Fantasy VII Remake for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. This led to others wondering if this will receive a free PlayStation 5 upgrade. However, according to the trailer, that is not the case. Only those who own a paid PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake will receive a free upgrade to the PS5 version and carry over saved data.

We'd also like to clarify that the Yuffie DLC episode will come as a separate purchase. Only those who bought Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will receive the upcoming expansion once it is released on June 10.

Speaking of the Yuffie DLC, Square Enix has clarified that this is the only DLC players can expect in the interim as they focus their efforts towards working on Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2.

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