Sony officially announces the INZONE line of gaming monitors and headsets

Although designed for the PS5, the INZONE monitors and headsets are compatible with the PC and the Xbox Series S/X as well.

It's official - Sony has a new lineup of gaming monitors and headsets.

Sony Inzone Gaming Monitors Headsets
It's interesting that Sony launched a non-PlayStation branded line of gaming headsets and monitors.

As per the leaks last week, Sony's latest gaming venture is a series of gaming products under a new brand name: INZONE. The three incoming gaming headsets and two gaming monitors are not specifically PlayStation-branded but pair nicely with the PS5. The INZONE H-series headsets, in particular, bear a striking resemblance to Sony's Pulse 3D headset. The H3, the most affordable one, is a wired gaming headset. Meanwhile, both the H7 and H9 are wireless headsets with the only difference being price ($229 vs $299, respectively) and digital noise-canceling for the H9.

Sony Inzone Gaming Monitors Headsets
Sony's line of gaming monitors and headsets should be equally appealing to PC gamers and PS5 owners alike.

All three H-series headsets will support 360-degree spatial audio at launch with seamless compatibility with the PS5 and the PS5.

In addition to the two H-series headsets, Sony's latest attempt at making non-PlayStation branded gaming accessories also includes the M-series monitors: M3 and M9. The M3 is the more budget-friendly gaming monitor of the two at $529 with a 1080p resolution and a refresh rate of 240Hz. On the other hand, the flagship M9 has a 4K resolution with a 144Hz refresh rate and a price tag of $899. The latter will be available sometime this summer while the former will launch in the winter.

Neither of the M-series monitors can be considered "better" than the other. When compared to the H-series headsets, both monitors will come with exclusive PS5 features like Auto HDR Tone Mapping, which will allow you to make the most out of the HDR feature of the PS5.

Reviewers who have already gotten to tinker with the INZONE M9 have nothing but praise for the incoming gaming monitor. Hopefully, Sony will have plenty of stocks available for both monitors.

Fingers crossed, Sony will start bundling the M-series monitor with an H-series headset and a PS5 for the holiday season.

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