Sony just poured a whole gallon of gasoline on the GTA 6 reveal fire

Sony's most recent comments have fans hopeful for an official reveal of the next Grand Theft Auto game.

It's safe to say that the entire video game industry is in a bit of a frenzy right now.

Sony Gta Reveal
If we're being honest, it'd be pretty weird to drop a trailer for GTA 6 if it won't hit storeshelves until 2026.

All the commotion started after Sony posted, on its TikTok account, showing someone that's playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on a humongous screen with its iconic intro song playing in the background. Although this could just be nothing but Sony's way of joining the trend of iconic gaming introduction songs, Sony fanned the flames with an interesting reply to a comment on the said video.

On one hand, Sony didn't confirm anything with the video. On the other hand, it'd be pretty awful if this all lead up to nothing.

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Ultimately, a GTA 6 reveal was bound to come sooner rather than later. Because of the earlier security breach that resulted in dozens of gameplay footage of GTA 6 finding its way on the internet, we've all seen what GTA 6 could look like when it comes out. Since then, a lot of gamers have tried to piece together all the info that they can by using the leaked files. But, now the cat is out of the bag, Rockstar should just reveal GTA 6 after confirming its existence earlier this year.

Having said that, Sony isn't the only one teasing a GTA 6 announcement before the month ends.

Sony Gta Reveal
You can't blame Sony for vibing to the "fire AF" intro music of GTA: San Andreas.

According to an eagle-eyed observer, Take-Two Interactive will hold its investors call early next month. Due to the unease felt by some investors, Rockstar will reportedly drop a trailer for GTA 6 before then to clear the air. In addition to this, a trusted insider claims the still-ongoing Halloween event might be a setup for a GTA 6 trailer.

Thankfully, we've only got a little over a week to go before the 20th anniversary of GTA: Vice City. We'll find out then if this has all just been much ado about nothing.

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