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Sony will hold its first State of Play event this 2022 on February 2

After several weeks of speculations, Sony has officially confirmed its first State of Play event for 2022.

At this point, fans should just expect Sony to hold an annual State of Play event every February.
At this point, fans should just expect Sony to hold an annual State of Play event every February.

After skipping E3 for several years in a row, Sony has used its State of Play showcase to put the spotlight on some of its upcoming games and consoles. Often, Sony would hold an event every February, which meant that fans were expecting the console manufacturer to do the same this year.

After several weeks of waiting, Sony has finally confirmed that it's going to hold the highly successful affair soon.

According to Sony, its first State of Play event for this year is coming on February 2. This is a partial confirmation of earlier leaks. However, unlike what insiders previously suggested, Sony's upcoming act won't feature Hogwarts Legacy or God of War: Ragnarok or even Horizon Forbidden West, as well as Sifu. Instead, Sony detailed that the event will focus exclusively on Gran Turismo 7, which would make sense since the game will release on March 4.

Unfortunately, fans are disappointed to hear that Sony isn't going to shine the spotlight on its other games. Case in point, Sifu will launch on February 8 while Horizon Forbidden West will hit the market on February 15. Both are Sony exclusives that would usually warrant its showcase. Then again, Forbidden West already got one last year before it was delayed.

Having said that, audiences are still holding out hope that Sony has a bigger State of Play event scheduled soon or that the showcase on February 2 will be bigger than initially expected. At the moment, there are rumblings that Sony will announce more details about Project Spartacus soon. The rumored three-tier subscription service will reportedly mix both PS Now and PS Plus under one umbrella with a higher tier dedicated exclusively for backwards compatibility. But, with Sony focusing on its upcoming driving game for its first State of Play, the official announcement of the Xbox Game Pass competitor probably won't be coming anytime soon.

If it's any consolation, Gran Turismo 7 is shaping up to be the series' biggest entry yet, both literally and figuratively. We recently found out that Gran Turismo 7 will clock in at least 90GB on the PS5, which would make it one of the largest exclusives on the console. Of course, its next-gen graphics were always going to come at a price. The only question now is if Polyphony Digital's efforts are enough for Gran Turismo 7 to outshine its main competitor, Forza Horizon 5, which set a new Xbox Game Studios record when it launched.

Speaking of Sony, the tech giant has responded to Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard in kind by buying Bungie. The deal gives Sony a developer that can help provide a valid replacement for Call of Duty once the inevitable comes and Microsoft makes future installments of Activision's popular AAA shooter exclusive to the Xbox consoles.

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