Sony Bets Big on Esports With Betting Platform Patent

Regardless of where your stance is on betting, the fact remains that gambling remains very much a part of any sport. Naturally, as esports has grown over the past decade, so did its gambling potential. However, despite its growth, traditional betting markets remain the go-to place for those interested to place bets and wager money.

Sony's most recent patent opens up the possibility for PlayStation users to bet on live esports events.

While there are no signs of this changing anytime soon, those looking for other betting avenues my have something more to look forward to if Sony's recently filed patent is any indication.

To sum it up, Sony's esports betting platform patent details an automated system that would make it easier for players on PlayStation platforms to place bets and claim rewards for any successful bet placed.

When Is the Sony Esports Betting Platform Coming?

The patent was first filed in 2019 before being published two years later.

Sony Interactive Entertainment first filed the esports betting platform patent on November 8, 2019, with it only just recently being published on May 13, 2021. It is specifically titled as "E-Sports Betting Platform". However, surprisingly enough, the patent document never mentions PlayStation throughout its entirety. Instead, it uses the term "computer simulation" devices where viewers can present wagers and see odds based on the platform's own calculations or using analysis of previous games or via pari-mutuel.

Of course, Sony is not just filing a patent for a way to present odds. Sony wants a full-fledged betting system where players can wager based on odds presented to them. The system even details showing betting propositions depending on the history of the better, such as allowing betters to cash out their winnings immediately or betting again for a chance to win more.

TLDR; Sony is betting on esports betting.

But while it is understandable for a company to patent a gambling system that specifically caters to esports events, what is surprising is that it's Sony Interactive Entertainment that is doing it.

The video game industry has been under fire for years already with its association with gambling. The most prevalent example is the use of loot boxes. This is why more and more companies are starting to seek alternatives. Thus, for SIE to file a patent for an esports betting platform on PlayStation platforms, you can only imagine the outrage (justified or not) that it will inevitably cause.

Of course, this is a mere patent for now. Sony has not been granted the patent yet. Even then, it'll probably be years before Sony decides to implement it. Although, we could be wrong. After all, SIE did just buy the Evolution Championship Series, the world's biggest fighting game esports event.

With that said, what Sony is most likely doing is seriously considering and preparing for more widespread esports betting. According to a recent study, esports gambling revenue is set to hit nearly $1 billion by 2024. Not to mention, the patent also allows the platform to support cryptocurrencies.

So, even if Sony doesn't do anything soon, having a patent filed and approved does open up numerous possibilities down the line.

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