Sony expresses desire to become a multiplatform business

According to Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, the Bungie acquisition "represents a major step forward in becoming more multiplatform."

It appears that the days of PlayStation exclusives remaining as such are indeed long gone.

Horizon Zero Dawn's PC port was a huge success that paved the way for future PS exclusives on the PC.

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Traditionally, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) pays little to no mind to other gaming platforms. However, in recent years, the company has seen a shift in focus. Perhaps due to the success of its initial PC ports such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding, Sony is more open to bringing more of its exclusives to other platforms as well as opening up the PS4 and PS5 to cross-play.

Just within the past year, games like Days Gone and God of War have made their way to the PC with Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection following suit.

In addition to this, SIE CEO, Jim Ryan, also reaffirmed PlayStation's commitment to bring "a whole slate" of games to the PC platform with the establishment of the PlayStation Studios PC label coming just a few months later.

Now, it's not just Ryan who's talking about Sony's multiplatform endeavors, but also Sony's CEO.

Kenichiro Yoshida mentioned in a recent corporate strategy meeting that Sony has "high expectations" for Bungie, which the company purchased for $3.6 billion in January. Yoshida claims that Bungie will be a "catalyst" to the company's live service video game capabilities, describing the acquisition as a "major step forward in becoming more multiplatform."

At the moment, Bungie is working on its own thing while supporting Destiny 2.

The most recent reports suggest that Bungie has plans for a third-person competitive action game as well as an animated series set in the Destiny universe. Meanwhile, Sony is preparing for the upcoming PS Plus and PS Now merger while also dealing with rumors of an upcoming Square Enix purchase.

Hopefully, Sony revisits Days Gone in the future and gives it the sequel that it deserves.

With several announcements and showcases lined up in June, we're hoping that we'll hear more about Sony's multiplatform plans soon.

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