PlayStation Japan Leaks Sony's Bluepoint Games Acquisition

It seems like the Microsoft Store has a contender when it comes to official and legitimate sources of leaked information.

PlayStation Japan might have just leaked the 14th studio under the PlayStation Studios banner.

Right around the same time that Sony announced it had acquired developers Housemarque of Returnal fame, PlayStation Japan went on to make the same announcement. However, there was one key difference from its western counterpart. The Twitter account of PlayStation Japan accidentally revealed that Sony had acquired more than just Housemarque.

Is Bluepoint Games Now Part of PlayStation Studios?

This is a screenshot of the original Tweet from PlayStation Japan, courtesy of modiz from ResetEra.

In case you missed it, Sony just bought Housemarque, the developers behind the PS5-exclusive, Returnal. However, while audiences were busy congratulating Sony Interactive Entertainment for its thirteenth in-house video game development studio, it seems like Sony is already working on a fourteenth acquisition.

If the Tweet from the PlayStation Japan Twitter account is to go by, it seems that Sony now owns Bluepoint Games. The American studio is responsible for the successful remakes of 2020's Demon's Souls and 2018's Shadow of the Colossus.

Obviously, PlayStation Japan has deleted the Tweet. Lucky for us, some eagle-eyed fans were able to take a screenshot.

As you can see from the image above, it shows Japanese text that comes with an artwork that prominently features the logo of Bluepoint Games beside PlayStation Studios. It also comes with an English text that reads, "Welcome to the Family".

If you take a closer look at the uploaded artwork, you can see that it's similar to the one posted by Sony. The main difference is that it's welcoming Housemarque instead of Bluepoint Games. Another difference is that the deleted Tweet from PlayStation Japan contains key art from Demon's Souls. It's conveniently nestled in between the key art for the Horizon games and Returnal.

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So, what does this mean? For one thing, it means that PlayStation Japan didn't just put the wrong logo. It suggests that PlayStation Japan put up an entirely different artwork by mistake. Thus, Sony might be sitting on the Bluepoint Games acquisition announcement and just waiting for the right time.

TLDR; it's only a matter of time before Sony announces its Bluepoint Games acquisition.

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