Sony preparing for an "aggressive and interesting" cloud gaming expansion

Sony's transformative cloud gaming strategies include plans for mobility, cloud technology, and gaming integration.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is readying itself for a surprising expansion into cloud gaming.

An aggressive expansion in cloud gaming isn't something that you'd expect to come from Sony.

Amidst rising concerns about the anti-competitive effects of the Microsoft-Activision merger, which, according to the UK's CMA, could give Microsoft unprecedented power in cloud gaming, Sony is aiming to navigate this evolving landscape.

Cloud gaming presently accounts for less than 3% of the global gaming market, but it's hard to deny its potential.

SIE's CEO, Jim Ryan, affirmed the company's plans for cloud gaming in its recent business presentation where, among other things, the company also talked about its plans for new franchises, the success of the new PS Plus, and the sales figures of the PSVR 2. In the said presentation, Ryan expressed the importance of the growing trend towards mobility in gaming, indicating that Sony has some aggressive strategies for this relatively untapped sector.

While details of these plans remain under wraps, the emphasis is clearly on exploiting the increasing trend toward mobility through the power of cloud technology. 

We're curious to find out just what exactly Sony plans to do to expand into cloud gaming.

Sony isn't a newcomer to the cloud gaming industry. Previously, Sony pioneered the mainstream adoption of cloud gaming with PlayStation Now. The service was briefly available on Sony's proprietary Bravia TVs albeit to limited success.

In line with this plan to bolster its efforts in the cloud gaming space, Sony has announced the Project Q, a handheld gaming console that's dedicated specifically to streaming PS5 games.

It's believed Sony might also start working on integrating live games into cloud gaming as well as expanding the availability of the PS Plus service to mobile devices.

Cloud gaming is on the brink of a massive transformation and Sony wants to be there when it happens. As Sony throws its massive weight behind it with "aggressive" strategies, the rest of the gaming world waits in anticipation.

Ray Ampoloquio
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