Sony Adds 3 More Games to the PS Studios Steam Page

Just in case you missed it, the PS Studios Steam stage has been up for a couple of days already. At the moment, it lists a total of 6 titles, including the most recent addition, Days Gone. However, while Days Gone has quickly proven in less than 24 hours that Sony's decision to release more PC ports of its first-party titles was a good idea, it seems like Sony is already preparing to release more.

Sony might have just accidentally let their future plans for the PlayStation Studios Steam page slip.

Which Games Were Added to the PS Studios Steam Page?

From 41, the number of "Games" listed on the PlayStation Studios Steam page has gone up by three to 44.

In our earlier report, we specified that the PS Studios Steam page only had 41 games listed. Of course, this includes all the DLCs for all 6 games at the moment. But, as it turns out, Sony has added 3 more games to the list.

Now, the three "games" added to the PS Studios Steam page may be all just DLC for Days Gone. The PC port of Days Gone comes with the Survival Mode, Challenge Mode, and Bike Skins, DLCs, right off the bat. However, upon closer inspection, all the additional content for Days Gone comes packaged with the base game already. This means that Sony did potentially just add three more games to the PS Studio Steam page.

Of course, Sony releasing three PC ports of first-party titles to Steam in quick succession after Days Gone seems unlikely. It is possible that Sony just added one more game and that the other two are mere DLC for the said game.

With that said, fans are understandably excited for what's to come to the PC platform from Sony.

It's worth noting that there were was a leak in early March that hinted that Sony was working on releasing PC ports of God of War and Ghost of Tsushima. The latter seems to make less sense since Ghost of Tsushima only released last 2021. On the other hand, the former seems more likely.

Similar to Horizon Zero Dawn, there is a sequel to God of War expected to release either in 2021 or 2022. All signs seem to point towards 2022. So, it only makes sense for Sony to release God of War on the PC via Steam to help drum up hype for the upcoming sequel. At the same time, releasing 2018's God of War on the PC would complete a pattern of Sony having ported over a first-party title to Steam from 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Of course, God of War is just one game and it notoriously did not come with any DLC. If that is the case, then a 2020 title would still be on the cards for Sony to port to Steam. Even though it probably won't be Ghost of Tsushima, a likely candidate is Dreams, which was originally released in 2020.

Just keep in mind that this is all speculation. At this point, we have no way of knowing what exactly Sony has planned for the PS Studios Steam page. But, one thing that we do know is that Sony is probably happy right now. Days Gone's PC release could not have gone any better, with critics and audiences alike singing praises at how well the PC port of the open-world zombie title runs on the PC.

Ray Ampoloquio
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