Sonic Colors Ultimate: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, Story, and More

The Blue Blur's 3D side-scrolling and platforming adventures tend to vary a lot in quality. Very few of them ever achieve the same status as that of SEGA's first few outings with Sonic. One game that stands out, in particular, was Sonic Colors, which was originally released for the Nintendo Wii.

Sonic Colors was the rare game that succeeded in merging the gameplay of the old-school side-scrollers with 3D gameplay, earning it a lot of rave reviews at the time.

So, it only makes sense that SEGA re-release Sonic Colors with a fresh coat of paint, more modes, and power-ups, as well as more improvements and changes, to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sonic.

Here's everything we know so far about Sonic Colors Ultimate.

Is There a Sonic Colors Ultimate Trailer Available?

SEGA has released multiple Sonic Colors Ultimate trailers since it was first announced. However, the best of them has to be the Tropical Resort trailer. In it, audiences are treated to Sonic dashing the entirety of Act 2 of Tropical Resort. Although it doesn't show off any new HD cinematic scenes that SEGA claims were added to the game, it did provide an extended look into how the game will look on modern platforms.

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More importantly, the Tropical Resort trailer showed off just how much attention SEGA put into recreating the original level, including all the buildings and even the background noises.

When is the Sonic Colors Ultimate Release Date?

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is expected to release in September 2021.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate will launch on September 7, 2021, for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store on the PC.

It is currently unknown if Sonic Colors: Ultimate will receive a next-gen update for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X in the future.

To help drum up interest for Sonic Colors Ultimate ahead of its September release date, SEGA plans on release a two-episode animated series. Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps is expected to premiere in Summer 2021.

What's the Story of Sonic Colors Ultimate?

It's now up to Sonic to save the Wisps and the entire world from Dr. Eggman.

Considering that Sonic Colors Ultimate is just a remaster of the original Sonic Colors game, we can expect the plot to revolve around the same thing: Dr. Eggman opening up an outer-space theme park. The series' protagonist, Sonic, knows Dr. Eggman all too well after years of battling him that he cannot be trusted. Thus, he investigates the theme park.

When the two arrive, he and his sidekick, Tails, meets up with Yacker, who is one of the alien Wisps. The duo then finds out that Eggman is actually enslaving the Wisps and are using them to power his amusement park as he attempts to create a laser that will help him dominate Earth.

Sonic then decides to put an end to Eggman's evil plans by freeing all the enslaved Wisps on different planets and destroy all the weapons that he's made.

What Gameplay Changes are Coming to Sonic Colors Ultimate?

Even though the story of Sonic Colors: Ultimate will remain, nearly everything else will change for the better. This includes the graphics and frame rate. However, SEGA did not go into detail exactly just how well Sonic Colors Ultimate will run on modern consoles. At this point, we can assume that SEGA is targeting a stable 60 frames per second as a minimum on all platforms.

Hopefully, a mode that runs at 4K resolution at 60 frames per second will be added in future updates for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

On top of performance and visual enhancements, Sonic Colors Ultimate will also add new gameplay features to the base game. Among these includes the "Jade Ghost" Wisp power up from 2019's Team Sonic Racing spin-off that lets Sonic explore new routes by making it possible for him to pass through objects. Another new mode is Rival Rush that lets players compete against Metal Sonic.

SEGA has also confirmed that Sonic Colors: Ultimate will have cosmetic options based on 2020's Sonic the Hedgehog film.

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