It appears that someone is already working on a Squid Game videogame

The Korean series, which is now on its way to become the most-streamed TV show on Netflix, is apparently getting a video game adaptation.

It's impossible to go online these days and not read about Squid Game. Almost everybody is raving about how good Netflix's latest Korean TV series is. It has become such a hit sensation that someone in the video game industry is already looking to capitalize on its popularity and create a video game based on the same format as Squid Game.

In a way, this rumored video game will be an R-rated version of Fall Guys.

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Is a Squid Game video game currently in development?

It will be interesting to see when this Squid Game type video game will come out.

At the moment, there are no known plans for a Squid Game video game. However, Tom Henderson, a reliable industry source that recently leaked details about Call of Duty 2022 and Call of Duty 2023 stated that he'd come across information that someone is working on a Squid Game style project.

It's worth noting that Henderson has no idea which studio is working on the project and when it will release. However, he did comment on how it is the evolution of the battle royale genre, which isn't exactly far-off. Henderson also pointed out that Fall Guys is already similar to Squid Game, which Henderson agreed with.

Fall Guys, which was already confirmed to release on Xbox consoles and the Nintendo Switch later this year, describes itself as a platform battle royale game. In it, 60 players compete against each other in several activities until only one player is left standing. This is similar to what happens in Squid Game where hundreds of players will try to outsmart and outlive each other in different events. However, the main difference is that Fall Guys is a children's game and Squid Game is very much not.

With that said, anyone interested in working on a Squid Game type of video game will want to do it as soon as possible.

Squid Game's viral nature suggests that it's only a matter of time before a game patterned on it will release. On a similar note, the battle royale video game genre can trace its origins to the 2000's Japanese action-thriller film of the same name.

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