How To Solve The Hand Easter Egg in Die Maschine (Get Free Legendary Upgrade)

The hand easter egg is by far the most tedious easter egg introduced in Die Maschine. Over the past couple of weeks, players have been investigating this gigantic mysterious hand in the Dark Aether that players can activate by pressing the four buttons located in the Medical Bay barrier.

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The mysterious easter egg was first solved by JustAnotherUKGamer, who managed achieve the feat on stream. Below, we cover everything that you need to know in order to complete this easter egg.

Many believe this hand to be associated with the giant that can be seen after reaching round 45.

Credits: Phantom Glitching (on Youtube)

Before going through the easter egg, make sure you have turned on the power and forged the Pack-A-Punch machine. This easter egg is only possible if you have a Pack-A-Punched weapon, as you will be using that to do this easter egg. If you're unsure how to turn on the power and build the Pack-A-Punch machine, check our guide here.

Activating the Hand

First and foremost, you can only do this easter egg while in the Dark Aether. This makes this easter egg quite difficult to complete as you only get a limited time in the Dark Aether. You can stay in the Dark Aether for about 2 minutes until you are teleported back.

While in the Dark Aether, make your way to the Medical Bay and look through the barrier behind the speed cola perk machine.

There are four red buttons beside every door. You need to shoot them with a Pack-A-Punched weapon.

Shooting each button lights up a green light above the doors with green gas seeping out of the rooms.

Once you've shot all four, the very first door to your left also lights up and has a red button beside it. When you shoot this red button, the door opens up, and a giant hand comes out.

That completes our hand activation part. The lights will now be turned on forever. And even if you are teleported back into the real world, you need to teleport back and shoot the last red button to activate the hand only.

There is a small cool-down before you can shoot and activate the hand again, which adds to this easter egg's complications.

Easter Egg Step

Once the hand is activated, you need to stand by the barrier and shoot the button whenever a zombie comes from that barrier to kill it using the hand.

You must get 15 kills in total for this easter egg to be completed.

The Reward

Upon your 15th kill, a purple orb from the corridor will fly towards you, turning your equipped weapon into a Legendary rarity weapon directly. Whether it's a rare, epic, or your custom class weapon, any weapon you hold in your hand while killing the 15th zombie will turn into a Legendary rarity. You will know it's a legendary weapon as the weapon's name will be highlighted in orange color at the bottom right corner of your screen.

General Tips

Do we think it's worth the effort? Unfortunately no, by the time you are able to complete this easter egg, you could have easily gathered the high-grade salvage needed to upgrade your weapons to a legendary rarity weapon. Doing this easter egg is also very difficult, especially if you're doing it alone.

If you still insist on trying it for yourself, then here are some tips that we think might help you complete it:

  • If you've reached level 47 in your core progression military rank, then you will be able to craft decoy grenades. As soon as you go near the barrier, in order to make sure zombies spawn and come from the barrier, throw your decoy grenade somewhere near the medical bay exit. You need as much time as possible to wait for the zombie to walk towards you and to time your shot, so the hand kills the incoming zombie. Given the small space, it is very easy to get run over by multiple zombies and die. Trust us, we've gone through this multiple times!
  • Do it with a teammate if possible. They can train and distract the zombies away from you while you can focus on the barrier. Once your teammate has gone far away, luring a bunch of already spawned in zombies, they can kill one zombie. This way, a zombie will spawn in to make up for the dead zombie. And if you're standing by the barrier, there is a high chance for that zombie to spawn through that, making it easier for you to get another hand kill.
  • If you want to perform this easter egg, do not forget to equip the Aether Shroud field upgrade. This field upgrade has saved our lives multiple times when overrun by zombies. It also helps you ignore the zombies while making your way to the barrier, increasing the chances for a zombie to spawn through that medical bay barrier.
  • If you have successfully acquired one kill and the hand cool-down starts, a simple yet very effective strategy that we've found is to exit the medical bay through the particle accelerator door, making your way to the weapons lab, and then back to the medical bay. Making this whole loop will give you enough to reset the zombie spawns, and the cool-down will also finish. Once you're back in the medical bay after a whole loop, wait for the green lights to turn on and quickly stand by the barrier to ensure that a zombie comes through this barrier and not from somewhere else. Repeat the same.
  • More number of zombies means higher chances of you getting those hand kills, as multiple zombies will come through the barrier if there are more. However, the issue is that the space in the medical bay is less, and you will easily get overrun by zombies. It is best if you leave around 10-15 zombies at the end of each round and then performs this easter egg.

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