Warzone Solos Mode Guide, Tips & Tricks

Solos mode for Call Of Duty: Warzone Battle Royale can be daunting for certain players, especially when you consider you are jumping into battle with 150 players, each fighting for their own survival.


Solo mode is a completely different experience to the vanilla Battle Royale mode, and your play style and choice of weapon will need to change dramatically in order to adapt. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you prevail in Warzone's Solos mode.


UAVs are important in Battle Royale mode, but in Solos mode they are more essential than ever. UAVs are one of the most important Killstreaks you can purchase at the Buy Station. They cost $4,000 to buy, but if you're lucky, you might also pick one up in a supply box.

When you activate a UAV it briefly reveals the location of the enemy players around you. Just keep in mind that if an enemy player has the Ghost perk active their location won't be revealed on the map. UAVs are especially important when the circle is very small, so we recommend always trying to obtain one in the later stages of a match.

Heartbeat Sensors

Similar to the UAV, Heartbeat Sensors are extremely useful. They are good in the main mode, but even better in Solos.

Heartbeat Sensors are used to reveal the location of enemy players around you, but only has an effective range of 40 meters. Additionally, the sensor can only reveal players in front of you, as it works at a 180 degrees angle. This means that you won't be able to see anyone behind you - so remember to turn around!

This sensor can be found randomly in supply boxes or you can have it in your tactical equipment slot - it is unlocked at level 30. It is very useful when you are inside buildings, or suspect someone is inside, as they might ambush you.

Weapon Loadout

In Solos your main focus should be on guns which have a high DPS (Damage Per Second). Don't worry about weapons with high magazine capacity since you are not going up against a Squad. In some ways, this can mean that snipers have an early advantage in Solos mode, and you can easily one-shot kill an enemy player by using a sniper rifle and successfully landing a headshot.

In Solos, sniper rifles are extremely powerful, especially if you are camping up on a tall building with a thermal scope. A good sniper rifle to use is the AX-50, which will one-shot kill if it's a headshot, or be a two shot kill to the body.

Self-Revive Kits

Self-Revive Kits are not that useful in Solos unless the enemy player who downed you is a fair distance away. In Solos, if someone downs you, then chances are they are going to finish you off. But in Squads, if you are downed, then the enemy player will most likely wait for one of your squad members to come to your rescue, giving you some time to revive yourself. Don't waste your money on Self-Revive Kits in Solos unless you're fighting a long-ranged battle.

Choose the Right Perks

As discussed earlier, choosing your Weapon Loadout is extremely important in Solos, but so are perks.

We recommend selecting perks that favor stealth, allowing you to stay hidden even though you're unlike to ever be alone in any given zone. There are 150 players at the outset, and each of them is fighting for themselves. You should never assume you are alone in Solos mode and never rush to any location. Always check your surroundings.

The recommended perks for Solos are Perk 1: Cold-Blooded, Perk 2: High Alert and Perk 3: Tracker. The reason for Cold-Blooded is plain and simple, you do not want to be seen on enemy thermal scopes. You have no idea how many players are using thermal optics since it is easier to detect enemy players from far away in the midst of all the chaos, smoke and buildings. You should also assume that enemy players have the Cold-Blooded perk too, whenever you are using your thermal optics.

High Alert perk is one of the most important perks in Solos. It displays a yellow flash on your screen, with a pulse indicating that an enemy player has spotted you. As stated earlier, Solos is likely to be filled with a lot of snipers camping the rooftops. If you have this perk, then you have a good chance of evading them since you will get a pulse indicating someone has spotted you.

An alternative perk to use in this slot is the Ghost perk. This perk renders you undetectable by enemy UAVs, Heartbeat Sensors, High Alert and even Radar Drones. You can also opt for the Overkill perk in order to equip two primary weapons. This is important if you wish to equip an assault rifle as well as a sniper rifle.

The third perk we recommend, the Tracker perk, is useful in Solos if you are engaged in 1-vs-1 close quarters combat, particularly in buildings. The Tracker perk reveals the footsteps of your enemies showing where they went. If you follow an enemy player into a building, it will help to predict their location.

Buy Stations are Dangerous

Assuming it will be easier for players to come by cash, Buy Stations are going to be used a lot more than in Battle Royale. You need to be extremely cautious when approaching any of the Buy Stations, since you do not have any squad members to watch your back.

Buy Stations are probably going to be camped a lot. You need to make sure that no one is around before you go for them. Again, you can use your Heartbeat Sensor if you already have that, and if you have the High Alert perk then you will know if someone is watching you from a distance. If you get a pulse then quickly get into cover.

Try to avoid the Buy Stations in the middle of the circle, they have an even higher chance of people camping around them.

Go for Higher Ground

You should always go for higher ground in Solos mode. If you are at ground level there is a good chance you will be sniped by an enemy player and instantly killed. So try to avoid staying on the ground as much as possible and opt for high ground whenever you get the chance.

There are many tall buildings you can go to, and they also offer a good opportunity to scan your surroundings. Just make sure you are careful of the Precision Airstrike and Cluster Missile Killstreaks. If you are on a building and your enemy possesses any one of these Killstreaks, they can easily take you out by aiming at the top of the building.

Carrying this over to an enemy player who is on a taller building than you, they can also easily take you out by directing those Killstreaks to the roof of the building you are on, moreso since it will be lower than theirs. Always keep these Killstreaks in mind and get into cover if you hear airplanes!

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