Jensen Ackles hints at Soldier Boy's return in The Boys' Fourth Season

Soldier Boy is the first American non-aging Supe, created by Frederick Vought during World War II.

Season 3 of The Boys saw the addition of Supernatural's Jensen Ackles to the growing cast list, playing the role of Soldier Boy, the original superhero. Renewed for a fourth season earlier this year, Jensen recently posted an Instagram video with a caption that has stirred speculation on whether he will be returning as the foul-mouthed Supe.

the boys ackles

The Instagram video, which is a featurette, includes cast members discussing Jensen and his character, Soldier Boy, with the caption:

Love these peeps. Can’t wait to throw the suit back on. That’s my Christmas wish. 🎄🤞🏼

The series has become one of the most successful original programs on Amazon Prime, with over 891 million minutes viewed and consistently high ratings over the three seasons. Although no information has been released yet regarding the fourth season, we can take comfort in the fact that Jensen is enthusiastic about getting an opportunity to return to the show. What's more, his return in the fourth season would see him reunited with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is set to join the show in the next season. The Walking Dead star shared the screen with Jensen in the CW show Supernatural, where he starred as John Winchester, the father to Ackles' Dean Winchester. Rob Benedict, who also starred in Supernatural as Chuck/God, will also join the cast of The Boys Season 4.

However, the Supernatural actor's busy schedule might impede his return as Soldier Boy. He recently returned to the Supernatural universe to play the role of the narrator in the spin-off series, The Winchesters, and also joined the cast of ABC's mystery drama, Big Sky. Unless his filming schedules for the multiple shows align, fans of The Boys might not be seeing Soldier Boy anytime soon.

Season 4 of The Boys haven't received a release date yet, but the show's fans can all look forward to watching Gen V, the upcoming spin-off series that is expected to premiere in 2023.

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