SNK confirms that it's working on a new Unreal Engine game

It appears that SNK is doubling down on its Unreal Engine investment with an unannounced title in development using the same engine.

There was a point in time when the gaming community considered SNK an afterthought. Although the Japanese video game developer was behind some of the most iconic arcade fighting games in the 90s, the 2000s and early 2010s were unkind to SNK. However, in recent years, the vintage company appears to have regained its footing after subsequent successful releases in 2019's Samurai Shodown and this year's The King of Fighters XV. But, it appears that SNK isn't just done with its resurgence just yet.

2019's Samurai Shodown was praised by critics and audiences alike for its graphics and successful transition to 2.5D gameplay.

After using Unreal Engine for its most recent games, SNK just teased an "unnamed new title" using the same game engine.

Various high-level employees over at SNK confirmed the news in a recent interview that was posted on the official Unreal Engine website. In the said interview conducted by Brian Crecente, long-time SNK employee and the producer of The King of Fighters XV, Yasuyuki Oda, confirmed that SNK is "testing a new game in the works that will be using Unreal Engine."

Oda's statement was a response to a question if SNK is going to shift its other titles over to Unreal Engine. In addition to confirming the new game, Oda also hinted at the "strong possibility" that SNK will migrate all of its games to Unreal Engine. Meanwhile, SNK's Lead Engineer, Masanori Tsujii, added that he's excited about the potential of Unreal Engine 5.

SNK is expected to support The King of Fighters XV for the next couple of years.

Unfortunately, SNK made no mention about what kind of game the unnamed project will be and if it's going to be a new IP or the next installment of its other beloved franchises. We're sure that it's not a follow-up to Samurai Shodown and it's still much too soon for SNK to work on a sequel to The King of Fighters XV. A 2.5D remake of Metal Slug would be an excellent idea, but with Metal Slug Tactics already coming up, SNK might be looking to revive a relatively obscure and forgotten SNK property for modern consoles.

The good news here is that the tease suggests SNK is ready to announce the game soon. We'll just have to wait to find out more about SNK's next project, which we're hoping will use Unreal Engine 4 if not Unreal Engine 5.

Ray Ampoloquio
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