Simpsons' Smithers finally has a boyfriend

Waylon Smithers will fall in love with a famous fashion designer in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons.

Waylon Smithers has become more than just a background character at this point. After being in The Simpsons for more than three decades, Smithers has become a key part of what makes Matt Groening's animated series so successful. Smithers has even starred in a handful of episodes over the years. Now, he'll take the spotlight once again, and for a heartwarming reason after initially starting as a running joke.

Smithers finally meets the love of his life five years after coming out as gay.

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Smithers' boyfriend is not Mr. Burns

"Portrait of a Lackey on Fire" will air on November 21, 2021

For years, Smithers' sexuality was used as the butt of jokes. It didn't help that there was the episode where he dreamed that Mr. Burns would keep on screaming his name. In 2016, Smithers finally came out and confirmed that he was gay and now several years later, he'll have a romantic Simpsons episode all to himself.

The TLDR; of the episode's synopsis sees Smithers finding true love with a boyfriend. His paramour is described as a "famous fashion designer" but it's not as straightforward. The synopsis warns that the new relationship might doom Springfield. Fittingly enough, Rob LaZebnik will write the episode alongside his son, Johnny, who recently described himself as a "d'ohmosexual" and was the inspiration for Rob to write the upcoming episode.

The Simpsons has done a great job at keeping itself relevant over the years. The show's even been considered one of the frontrunners when it comes to being open-minded. Case in point, a 1997 episode "Homer's Phobia" shows how the series' lead, Homer Simpson, tried to dissociate himself from a new family friend after finding out that he was gay.  Many supporters of the LGBTQ+ movement often cite the episode as a perfect example of how to show that the discrimination against the community exists and is real.

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Here's hoping that Smithers' upcoming episode, "Portrait of a Lackey on Fire", accomplishes the same thing for the show as previous groundbreaking ones did.

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