The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Gets a Release Date on Nintendo Switch

Microsoft might have had the best showing at E3 2021, but Nintendo wasn't far behind. The main highlight of the Nintendo Direct showcase at E3 2021 was arguably the two Legend of Zelda games that were shown off: the Breath of the Wild sequel and Skyward Sword on the Nintendo Switch.

Chronologically, Skyward Sword is the first game in the Zelda timeline.

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Is There a New Skyward Sword on Nintendo Switch Trailer?

Yes, there is. The latest trailer for Skyward Sword on Nintendo Switch premiered at E3 2021 during the Nintendo Direct showcase.

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More than just the graphics, Nintendo also emphasized how it's going to improve Skyward Sword's HD remaster for the Nintendo Switch. In particular, Nintendo has made numerous changes and improvements to the Wii version's controversial control system to make Skyward Sword play better on the Switch.

When Will Skyward Sword Release on Nintendo Switch?

Skyward Sword details the origins of the Master Sword.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was first released back in 2011 for the Nintendo Wii. It is widely considered one of the best Zelda games of all time. It is also a divisive title that received a lot of negative criticism for its wonky controls.

Perhaps this is why Nintendo wanted to remaster the game for the Nintendo Switch. In addition to making it look better for its latest hybrid console, Nintendo wants to give more gamers a chance to experience the inspiration for the Breath of the Wild games in a more convenient platform with better controls.

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With that said, Skyward Sword will be launching for the Nintendo Switch on July 16, 2021.

Considering how soon the release date is, it should tide over fans of the Breath of the Wild games until the sequel releases next year in 2022.

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