Skate 4 appears to have entered internal play testing with a potential reveal coming soon

Dataminers have found API code from the Origins Store on PC indicating that Skate 4 is close to being released.

Confirmed in time for Skate 3's 10th anniversary, skateboarding fans have been waiting for Skate 4 since it was announced in 2020. Unfortunately, Electronic Arts hasn't talked much about the highly-anticipated skateboarding title since. Some fans are even starting to worry that EA might have completely forgotten about the game and canned development. But, as it turns out, EA is just keeping a low profile.

It's been 12 years since EA released Skate 3 in 2010.

According to Tom Henderson, cyber sleuths found something interesting in the API code from the Origins store on the PC. Specifically, the data miners saw proof that Skate 4 is currently in its testing phase, with a phrase saying that "playtest will not transfer to skate. main game." This implies that EA wants to reboot the Skate franchise with Skate 4, which explains why the code refers to the game as just Skate instead of Skate 4.

Unfortunately, this is all the proof about Skate 4 that we have right now. The good news is that this info suggests that it's only a matter of time before Electronic Arts reveals Skate 4.

After at least 2 years of development, it appears that EA is finally ready to reveal if not release Skate 4.

If not for the earlier report that EA had canceled EA Play this year, we would have said that we'll find out more about Skate 4's official release date in a few months.

However, since EA wants to do individual showcases throughout the year instead, it's hard to put an exact date for when we'll find out more about Skate 4. The ideal scenario is that EA will reveal Skate 4 soon with a release date within this year if not early 2023. But, absent official information, your guess is just as good as ours.

In the meantime, skateboard fans can play Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 right now. We ranked Vicarious Visions' as one of the best PS4 games to play on the PS5.

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