Six-month-old Warzone sniper goes viral on TikTok

While other kids are struggling to sit up on their own, a six-month-old baby is sniping enemy heads off on Warzone.

When we say child's play, we mean that something is so easy to do, that even a child can do it, right? So, how do you go about and describe something that an infant can do?

Six Month Old Warzone Sniper Goes Viral
This six-month-old just won the internet.

This is a conundrum that we are currently facing. As it turns out, you could find yourself getting downed in Warzone by a six-month-old baby who can barely sit upright, let alone talk trash and remind you just how bad you are at the game.

This six-month-old is the future of COD

Six Month Old Warzone Sniper Goes Viral
On a more serious note, six months is a bit too young to start exposing a kid to so much violence (and profanity).

The streamer, who goes under the handle, THE_DENT1ST, recently posted a video on his TikTok account. The said clip shows his child sitting on what appears to be a DIY high chair while playing some Warzone.

No. We're not joking. Here's the actual footage below so you can see it for yourself:

What is perhaps the most amazing thing about the infant playing Warzone is that the child actually landed a shot and made an amazing kill.

As you can see from the video, the baby is the one holding the controller (and headset) when the player jumps off a building and lands a crossbow shot across the map, that landed on an unlucky bloke's head. Imagine dying in-game at the hands of an actual baby!

Naturally, the clip has since gone viral and given the uploader far more clout over the internet than he could ever ask for. However, it's not clear if this is all staged or not. If it's not, then the kid might have some serious potential. Who knows? If he keeps on playing Warzone every day for the next couple of years, he might end up becoming the youngest professional esports player in the world.

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