Silent Hill Townfall might share a world with P.T

Nearly a decade after it was shelved, Hideo Kojima's P.T continues to inspire games, including an incoming Silent Hill entry if we believe the rumors.

Silent Hill Townfall Share World Pt
Silent Hill: Townfall might not be the Silent Hills we asked for but it might be the one we need.

Once upon a time, Konami asked Hideo Kojima to reboot Silent Hill, and quite frankly, he almost did.

If not for the nasty divorce between Konami and Kojima, we could be staring at a potential sequel, if not a threequel, to Silent Hills, which would've starred Norman Reedus, among many others. Instead, the world was left with an eerie and almost mythical playable teaser, P.T.

P.T. is easily one of gaming's biggest what-ifs, arguably right alongside the long-rumored complete version of Metal Gear Solid V (coincidentally, both are made by Kojima).

Having said that, the internet still hasn't forgotten about P.T. As it turns out, Konami hasn't either. If we believe the recent rumors, Townfall might share a thing or two with P.T. Specifically, sources claim Townfall "lives in the same universe" as the elusive demo. The same source clarifies that "Townfall might feature references to P.T., but not explicitly be a continuation."

As the internet's de-facto obsession for the past decade, mentioning a possible connection with P.T. should make Townfall one to watch.

Silent Hill Townfall Share World Pt
Silent Hill: Townfall is giving off all the right vibes for a game that should scare an entire generation of gamers.

Then again, the Silent Hill franchise is worth your attention right now. Konami revealed a lot of exciting projects coming our way over the next few years. The highlight is the remake of the 2001 classic, Silent Hill 2, by Bloober Team (yes, the very same studio that denied its involvement with Silent Hill last year).

In addition, Konami is working on Silent Hill f, the franchise's first game set outside the United States, and Silent Hill: Ascension, a "live, real-time interactive series." Finally, there's Christopher Gans' upcoming Silent Hill movie, which will pattern itself based on the plot of Silent Hill 2.

TLDR; Konami did its marketing homework to drum up hype for Silent Hill: Townfall as well as the other entries to the survival horror series.

In other news, Silent Hill's chief rival, Resident Evil, is also gearing up for a loaded slate of upcoming games. Capcom didn't reveal as many in-development titles but the Resident Evil 4 Remake will surely be a delight. Hopefully, its success will encourage Capcom to go back and do a remake of Resident Evil Code: Veronica and not Resident Evil 5.

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