Konami mum as Silent Hill: Short Message gets rated for the PS5

Many speculate that Silent Hill: Short Message is going to be a free-to-play demo for the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake.

It's starting to look like Silent Hill: The Short Message is not going to be another pachinko game as the game's second age rating confirms that the "unconfirmed" Silent Hill project is a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

silent hill short message rated ps
A playable teaser or demo for the Silent Hill 2 remake would be very welcome.

Every Silent Hill fan's dreams came true last year as Konami finally confirmed a full-fledged revival of the seminal survival horror franchise. But, instead of working on the new Silent Hill games themselves, Konami decided to pawn the IP over to a handful of trustworthy studios. The first one up is the Silent Hill 2 remake, which is a PS5 exclusive that's also coming to the PC at a later date (probably not the Xbox though). The second is Silent Hill F, which is being developed by NeoBards Entertainment with Ryukishi07 as the writer. The third one, Silent Hill: Townfall, is by No Code and published by Annapurna Interactive. Finally, the fourth and last one is Silent Hill: Ascension from Behavior Interactive, Genvid, DJ2 Entertainment, and Bad Robot Games.

If you've been keeping track, Silent Hill: The Short Message isn't part of the video games we mentioned. But, some believe there's a good reason for this.

Silent Hill: The Short Message was first rated back in September. Most had shrugged it off as a mobile spin-off or a pachinko game. However, this second rating claims that The Short Message is a PS5 exclusive. If you put two and two together, The Short Message is likely a demo for the Silent Hill 2 remake, much like what P.T. (which stands for Playable Teaser, by the way) was for Silent Hills.

silent hill short message rated ps
Silent Hill 2 will have to live up to unbelievably high expectations.

Konami's silence is surprising. You'd think it would at least acknowledge The Short Message by now. Not to mention, we reported in October that the remake of Silent Hill 2 is already in the late development stages. When you think of the success of demos by Square Enix, just like the most recent one for Forspoken, it makes sense for Konami to do the same in its first big AAA title in a long while.

With that said, we'll likely have to wait for some confirmation. If The Short Message is truly a demo, Konami will want to piggyback off a State of Play showcase for its announcement and the regular Sony event isn't expected until at least February. Finally, this week and the next one are big public holidays in Japan, so we shouldn't expect to hear anything soon.

silent hill short message rated ps
Silent Hill 2 is expected to be out next year.

Speaking of Konami, a long-time Konami developer and frequent Hideo Kojima collaborator is teasing something big for next year. Many hope this is the long-awaited confirmation of a handful of rumored Metal Gear Solid remakes.

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