Sifu Arenas Expansion release date revealed alongside Xbox and Steam versions

The Arenas expansion will also see Sifu launch on Xbox and Steam.

Sloclap's beat 'em up game Sifu has finally received a date for its upcoming DLC, the Arenas Expansion. Known for its martial arts-themed RPG Absolver, Sloclap announced that the Arenas expansion will be released on March 28.

The announcement was also accompanied by a gameplay trailer. According to the official description, the DLC will add nine new locations, 45 merciless challenges spread over five game modes, and ten additional hours of gameplay.

Sifu takes place in modern China, and players take on the role of the child of a martial arts master who wants revenge for their father's death, hence the name Sifu. Every time the player's character dies, they are brought back to life by a magical amulet, which makes them older, and grants them stronger combat abilities, but reduces their health.

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Eventually, the player will reach a point of maximum age and face permanent death, in which case they will restart the level from scratch at the same age as their previous attempt. It is a unique representation of mortality through the lens of a roguelike.

Last year, Sifu made its debut on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via the Epic Games Store. However, with the launch of the Arenas Expansion, the game will now also be available on Xbox and Steam on the same day.

Slocap released a free update last year that included new outfits and a new scoring system, along with gameplay modifiers like infinite health and unbreakable weapons. The upcoming DLC will mark the second free Sifu update since then.

Unlike Absolver, Sifu does not have a multiplayer mode.

The game's narrative, combat, and environments have garnered praise from both gamers and critics. Sifu proved to be a commercial success, selling over 500,000 copies within 48 hours of its release, and exceeding 1 million copies sold by the end of its first month. Last year, Story Kitchen announced a partnership with Sloclap to make a live-action feature film adaptation of Sifu.

Sifu: Arenas will enter the ring on March 28.

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