PlayStation-exclusive martial arts game, Sifu, gets a 2022 release date and trailer

Slocap initially revealed that Sifu was going to be delayed to sometime in 2022.

After teasing and showing off Sifu multiple times over the past six months, Sloclap has finally revealed a release date for its latest game.

Fans are definitely happy knowing that Sifu is going to release so early in 2022.

According to Sloclap, the same people behind Absolver, the PlayStation-exclusive martial arts game is going to release on February 22, 2022. This comes just a little over a month after Sloclap confirmed that it was going to delay Sifu until 2022. However, with a six-month cushion between now and then, it's safe to say that Sloclap isn't going to postpone Sifu to a later date anymore.

The latest news about Sifu comes from Sloclap at Gamescom 2021. The game's latest trailer made its debut at Opening Night Live, much to the celebration of fans.

The upcoming title, which Sloclap first had a chance to show off at the February 2021 PlayStation State of Play, puts players in the shoes of a martial arts master. One of the biggest draws of the game is that your character gets older after every defeat. This means that the more you lose, the faster your character will go from pupil to master.

As per Sifu's latest trailer, we got to see a mix of new and old locations. The trailer also showcased what appears to be a classic bar fight before moving on to an art gallery. Finally, audiences are treated to a highlight-worthy fight scene where the protagonist fends off multiple bad guys in a single room with a dangling ink brush that drops paint onto the floor every time you push someone into it.

With that said, everything about Sifu sounds and looks absolutely amazing. Unlike Abandoned, which just keeps on falling short on promises, Sloclap's latest title appears to pack a hell of a punch (pun intended).

The PlayStation-exclusive title will also be available on the PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive.

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What's next for Sifu?

It'll be interesting to see how Sifu's sales fare in a jam-packed February 2022.

After showing off Sifu at Gamescom 2021, Sloclap might take the lull period until the game's release in February 2022 as a chance to improve gameplay. However, for our own selfish purposes, we're hoping that Sloclap has more of Sifu to show before the year ends.

With that said, Sifu now joins Horizon Forbidden West and the Saints Row reboot as the games revealed at Gamescom 2021 with February 2021 release dates.

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