Shuhei is teasing a The Legend of Dragoon announcement

Shuhei Yoshida was the executive producer of The Legend of Dragoon.

The original PlayStation arguably benefitted the most from the golden age of JRPGs. While the PlayStation saw the exclusive release of several Final Fantasy games on the platform, among others, it also hosted other lesser-known outings. The best example of this is Sony Japan Studio's JRPG, The Legend of Dragoon.

The Legend of Dragoon is a cult classic that should be available to play on modern PlayStation consoles.

Sony Japan Studio released the cult classic JRPG just as it prepared to close the lifecycle of the PS1 and focus on the newly-introduced follow-up, PS2. The Legend of Dragoon wasn't the biggest hit among audiences or critics at launch. But, the game's popularity grew over the years to the point that fans have been asking for a sequel or at least a remake or remaster for modern consoles. A little over two decades later and this might be happening soon.

While anything related to The Legend of Dragoon is not confirmed, an interesting retweet from the game's executive producer, Shuhei Yoshida, is generating chatter on the internet.

Shuhei is teasing a The Legend of Dragoon announcement#ShuheiYoshida #Sony #TheLegendofDragoon #PlayStation

♬ original sound - Xfire - Xfire

Shuhei's retweet of an original tweet by Dennis Martin, the person behind the musical score for The Legend of Dragoon, is giving fans hope that something connected to The Legend of Dragoon is happening. The most likely scenario is that PlayStation is adding the PS1 game to the PS+ Premium library. It's not necessarily a full-on remaster let alone a remake, but it will at least make The Legend of Dragoon accessible for older and younger gamers alike.

Interestingly enough, the retweet comes three years after rumors popped up that Bluepoint Games is working on a remake of The Legend of Dragoon.

Unfortunately, Sony confirmed during the time of its Bluepoint acquisition last year that the remake specialists are now working on an original game. This shoots down all the previous rumors, not that it's likely anyone has been clinging to hope until now.

There's a part of the internet that has dedicated itself to upscaling The Legend of Dragoon to make it look prettier.

Speaking of remasters, Square Enix is on a roll these days. The Japanese video game studio has released remasters of some of its most beloved classic JRPG titles like Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition and Live a Life. Fans can look forward to playing Tactics Ogre: Reborn on November 12.

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