Showtime drops Ray Donovan: The Movie trailer

Liev Schreiber returns to tie up loose ends in Showtime's latest wrap-up feature film, Ray Donovan: The Movie.

Liev Schreiber saw his time in his Emmy-nominated role as Ray Donovan cut short as the show's seventh season served as the finale of the series. Thankfully, it wasn't the actual end for Ray Donovan. Similar to Deadwood: The Movie and Showtime's other wrap-up feature films, Ray Donovan: The Movie will bring the fan-favorite Showtime series the closure that it deserves with much of the original cast and crew coming back to reprise their roles and help give Ray Donovan a proper send-off.

Liev Schreiber is back for one last ride in Ray Donovan: The Movie.

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Ray Donovan: The Movie promises to be the "true" finale

Longtime series fans will appreciate that Showtime bothered to give Ray Donovan a proper ending.

The decision to end Ray Donovan with its seventh season blindsided pretty much everybody. The creative team, in particular, was shocked by what happened. Thankfully, David Hollander, among others, agreed to return to co-write Ray Donovan: The Movie alongside Schreiber, as well as serve as its director.

After coming to a point of realization that he wanted to change for the better, Donovan finds himself chased by ghosts of his past. This all culminated in a somewhat fitting but ultimately disappointing finale; Ray finally avenges the murder of his sister, the same incident that started it all in the show's pilot episode.

Ray Donovan: The Movie will bring back several cast members in their original roles. Eddie Marsan and Dash Mihok will both return as Ray's brothers, Terry and Bunchy, respectively. Also returning is Pooch Hall as Daryll, Donovan's half-brother with Kerris Dorsey's Bridget back for the actual finale. Other returning cast members include Katherine Moennig's Lena, as well as Kerry Condon's Molly Sullivan and Voight's Mickey Donovan.

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Ray Donovan was one of Showtime's flagship shows. By the end of its 7-season run, Ray Donovan had earned several notable award nominations.

Thanks to the trailer, fans can rest easy knowing that Showtime didn't just forget about one of its most successful shows. Showtime President of Entertainment Gary Levin also promised a fitting conclusion from the "two-hour movie" that, according to Levin, "will go a long way" towards making the series end on a high note.

Ray Donovan: The Movie is set to premiere on January 14, 2022, at 9:00 PM ET/PT.

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