Shi No Numa Easter Egg Guide for Vanguard Zombies

The Ceremony Step

Once you've aligned the symbols correctly, the podiums around the swamp will light up depending on how many players are in the game. There are four podiums around the swamp. However, only one will light up if you're playing solo. If there are four players, all four will light up.

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Interact with the podium to start the ceremony. If there are more players, every player should press the button on their respective podiums at the same time.

During this step, you will be in a lockdown and can't leave the area. You need to use your Wunderwaffe DG-2 to kill the glowing blue zombies. These blue zombies are extremely fast, and the swamp slowing you down doesn't help much.

Stand near the Monolith on the island, and wait for the glowing blue zombies to get on the island first. When they get there, kill them using your Wunderwaffe, and their souls will be sucked into the Monolith.

Boom Schreirs and Sturmkreigers will also spawn, but you can them out with a single shot of your Wunderwaffe. The only problem is that the Wunderwaffe reloads very slowly. You need to conserve your ammo mostly for the blue zombies, or else you can slow down, and this is a time-sensitive ceremony.

This is why it is best to pack a punch your Wunderwaffe at least once before starting the ceremony. This will increase the default magazine capacity from three to six.

Once you have enough kills, you will see a white flash and get a mini cutscene with a blue orb called Echo. After the cutscene, the lockdown will be lifted, and you can leave the area.

If you fail to get enough kills, you will be able to repeat the ceremony but only after skipping one round.

Step 6: The Relic Pieces

Now, you need to find two relic fragments. The only way to get the relic fragments is while you're in the zombie blood mode.

To get the zombie blood, you must fill the perk fountain in the Flogger Courtyard with the zombie blood.

This is done by getting glogger trap kills. Train enough zombies and lure them into the flogger trap. They will get slammed into the perk fountain, and it will fill up with their blood.

Approach the perk fountain, and you will get a prompt to drink the blood from the fountain. Drink it.

After drinking the zombie blood, run around the spawn hut area (both lower and upper level) to find a red floating orb. It will only spawn in the spawn hut area and nowhere else.

Once you find the orb, go near it, and it will start moving. Escort the orb by staying close to it.

A lot of Boom Schreiers will spawn. As you escort the red orb, make sure you kill them ahead of you.

When you reach the destination, the red orb will disappear, and the first half of the mirror relic will appear. Pick it up while you're still in zombie blood mode.

If you're out of the zombie blood mode, you won't be able to pick the relic fragment up. Also, if you do run out, you can always go back and drink the blood to enter the zombie blood mode again.

For the second piece location, go back to the War Room at the spawn hut and check the map for the 'X' mark. This mark is only visible in zombie blood mode. For us, it is the Comm Room. You can also try to locate the exact location by listening for a unique sound the relic makes.

Go to the marked location and check the ceilings of the building. Shoot the relic fragment, and it will fall. It won't fall immediately but rather gradually float down.

Once it is down, pick it up, and you've got the complete relic.

Now, go to the Dig Site and interact with the podium in the middle to place them there. A blue light will fly out of it and into one of the four podiums around the central podium. This is where we go to our next step.

Step 7: Energizing the podium

Next, you need to energize the podium with the blue orb. This is done by interacting with the blue orb on the podium.

When you interact, the blue orb will float in the air and shoot in a direction. You need to follow it to the location it flew to and shoot it three times to redirect it back to its podium.

You have to be quick about this, or else the orb will disappear and spawn on one of the other four podiums at the Dig Site. Every time you fail, it goes to the next podium.

Each podium has its own fixed route, which the blue orb takes. It is best to know all the routes so you can get to the orb locations in time.

Southern Podium Route

The first podium is to the south of the central podium.

The blue orb first flies into the ceiling of the Comm Room.

The second location is the small hut outside the Comm Room. It is to the left as you exit the Comm Room building.

The third and final orb location is the tree in the middle of the Comm Room Exterior area. It is right behind the Altar of Covenants.

Western Podium Route

This is the western podium.

The first location is the eastern edge of the Doctor's Quarters Exterior area.

The second is the same area but this time, the orb moves by the exit of the Doctor's Quarters area.

Finally, the orb moves to the west just outside the map by the tree.

Eastern Podium Route

This is for the Podium to the east of the central podium.

The first location it moves to is in the Fishing Hut area. The orb is on a tree located outside the map to the left of the bridge that takes you to the Fishing Hut.

The second location it moves to is on a tree that can be seen from the ammo supply room window inside the Fishing Hut.

The final location it moves to is on the Fishing Hut roof, visible from the hut's entrance stairs.

Northern Podium Route

This is for the northern podium.

The first location the orb flies to is outside the map. The orb can be seen through the back-right corner window of the Storage.

The second location it moves to is on a long tree located outside the map southwest of the Storage hut Exterior.

The final location is the hut outside the map seen from the little island at the Doctor's Quarters Exterior area. The hut is located north of where the Monolith is.

Once you've shot all three blue orbs in time and redirected it back to its podium, you can interact with it to summon the Echo.

Now is the time of no return. It would be best to stock up on armor and perks and pack a punch your weapon as needed.

Step 8: Echo Boss Fight

The boss fight starts when you interact with the orb on the podium and summon Echo.

The boss fight has three phases. You need to kill blue glowing zombies in the middle of the Dig Site with your Wunderwaffe DG-2, similar to the ceremony step. Unlike the ceremony step, the zombies in this boss fight aren't as fast.

In the first phase, you need to kill regular blue glowing zombies with your Wunderwaffe, and their souls will get sucked into the mirror relic in the central podium.

Keep eliminating zombies, and eventually, a blue barrier will be created around the Dig Site. When Echo is within the barrier, you can damage her.

Lure Echo inside, and shoot her head with your shotgun until it shows 'immune' instead of damage number values.

After every phase, you will get max ammo, max armor, and bonus points.

In the second phase, you need to repeat the same, but this time it is the blue glowing Boom Schreier that you need to kill.

For the third and final phase, you need to repeat the same but by eliminating the blue glowing Sturmkreigers.

This time you can finish Echo off for good, and this will conclude your boss fight and the main easter egg quest on Shi No Numa.

In the end, the mirror relic will fix itself, and you can collect it. You will also get rewarded with a bunch of high-tier loot, including the Raygun.

You will also get a calling card to complete the main easter egg quest on Shi No Numa.

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