Devolver Digital delays Shadow Warrior 3 to 2022

Fans waiting for Lo Wang's next outing in Shadow Warrior 3 will have to wait for a little while longer.

It appears that Shadow Warrior is going to need "more time to sharpen its blades", or at least, that's how Devolver Digital put it.

The next installment in the underrated looter-shooter series won't arrive until 2022.

The Flying Wild Hog-developed game was supposed to release this 2021. Unfortunately, according to the game's publishers, Shadow Warrior 3 won't be available until early next year, which could be anywhere between January 2022 to June 2022 (if not later if they have a different definition of what "early" means for them).

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When is Shadow Warrior 3 going to be released?

Shadow Warrior 3 was first revealed in 2020, much to the excitement of the series' fans. The game will see the series protagonist, Lo Wang, "push the apocalypse back yet again" using a "punishing mix of blades and bullets." The three-game series isn't exactly well-known for its story, but the gameplay has earned it a lot of fans, especially on the PC where its fast-paced combat shines the most when played on high-spec systems for the highest frame rates possible.

To compensate for the delay of Shadow Warrior 3, Devolver Digital released a short trailer that promises more news on the game's exact release date.

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It's amazing to think that a third game is releasing after Shadow Warrior looked dead in the water many years ago. The first game, which was released in 1997, was not a huge success. Most did not like its gameplay and how outdated it was for its time. It wasn't until Devolver DigitaM and Flying Wild Hog took over in 2013 with a remake that the series became a hit.

After the success of 2013's Shadow Warrior remake, the sequel, which was released in 2016, was a bit problematic. Even if it still sold well and received generally positive reviews, most fans felt that it focused too much on weapon upgrades and character enhancements. Thankfully, the developers listened to the criticism, with Flying Wild Hog aiming to make Shadow Warrior 3 more similar to the original remake so that players aren't "standing in place for five minutes wondering what upgrade they should put on their weapon to increase some state for whatever percent."

Hopefully, Flying Wild Hog delivers on its promise, and that Shadow Warrior 3 isn't released in February 2022.  Otherwise, it risks flying under the proverbial radar as it has to compete with the likes of the Saints Row reboot and Horizon Forbidden West, among others.

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