Seth Rollins should win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

It's believed that Triple H and the rest of the WWE Creative Team are eyeing The Visionary to be the inaugural World Heavyweight Champion.

Very few WWE Superstars can make an entire arena sing their entrance song from start to finish.

Triple H revealed the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship on RAW earlier this week. Since then, fans have spent an inordinate amount of time speculating about who could be the first to hold it on May 27. The first night of the 2023 WWE Draft didn't help quell the talks at all, especially after Seth Rollins' name wasn't called after the first three rounds. Now that he's half-confirmed to be staying on WWE's flagship program while Roman Reigns stays with the blue brand, it should be time for The Architect to shine at the top of the card again.

Having said that, we're not the only one who believes that Rollins deserves to be the focal point of every Monday Night RAW episode.

According to WrestleVotes (via GiveMeSport), Rollins is the "leading candidate" to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the Night of Champions.

Seth Rollins doesn't need a title shot but we'd be damned if it wouldn't be fun to see him go on another title run.

With his former stablemate, Jon Moxley, now in All Elite Wrestling, Seth Rollins has done everything the WWE has asked of him in recent years with little to no qualm (at least, none that was visible to us onlookers). Rollins' flair and talent are always on full display despite the revolving door of part-time performers that the WWE asks him to put over. Rollins deserves so much better than this, especially after seeing him eke out the most out of everyone he's faced, including Logan Paul, and now, Omos.

Modern fans wouldn't hesitate to back Rollins as RAW's top star - they're already chanting his song every time he appears, anyway.

Interestingly enough, the WWE might have already telegraphed their plans to crown Seth Rollins in late May. Aside from Austin Theory (and Logan Paul), Seth Rollins was the only other Superstar to show interest in the new championship belt. The contender to ending Roman Reigns' streak, Cody Rhodes, couldn't care any less about it as he focused his attention on Brock Lesnar, who'd betrayed him at RAW after WrestleMania.

Maybe, just maybe, WWE is setting up Theory to shoot for the next best thing after he presumably drops the United States Championship belt sometime in the next few months.

Seth Rollins already "planted" the seeds of a potential feud with Roman Reigns after calling him out for being a part-time champion.

Of course, this is all just speculation. The WWE could very well throw a curveball at audiences and decide to draft Rollins to SmackDown, where he could reignite his former rivalry with Reigns. The history between these two doesn't need any hand-holding in terms of story-telling and it would fit perfectly with the "family" thing that The Bloodline has going on. Besides, it's been a while since we saw Rollins use his creative genius to get under Reigns' skin.

Sure, this would put a monkey wrench into the plans to put the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship on Rhodes, but somehow, we don't think Triple H will have difficulty trying to make this work.

With three titles to go around, there's plenty of gold to go around the WWE.

Until then, WWE fans can look forward to Day 2 of the 2023 WWE Draft on May 1, Monday, as part of Monday Night RAW. Afterward, WWE Backlash is scheduled for May 6 with Cody Rhodes going up against Brock Lesnar.

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