Seth Rogen debuts Donkey Kong voice in latest Super Mario Movie trailer

Seth Rogen is one of the animated movie's biggest castings but audiences aren't exactly happy to hear him sound exactly like how he does in real life.

seth rogen donkey kong voice super mario movie trailer
Seth Rogen's Donkey Kong sounds too much like his real-life voice.

Unlike Mario, who's had the pleasure of being voiced by Charles Martinet for decades, Donkey Kong doesn't have a voice. Several voice actors have lent their talents to Donkey Kong over the years, which means that The Super Mario Bros. Movie couldn't have gotten casting him wrong. Except, that's what the internet is saying right now after the latest footage for the upcoming film debuted Seth Rogen and his Donkey Kong voice.

Admittedly, it's weird that the internet is obsessing about how fictional characters are going to sound in their big-screen outing. But, at the same time, you can't blame them.

Whereas Jack Black seems like he was born to play Bowser, Seth Rogen is turning Donkey Kong into, well, Seth Rogen.

The 30-second clip offers everybody their first chance to hear Seth Rogen voice Donkey Kong as he demolishes the still-silent Chris Pratt and his Mario. In addition to Seth Rogen, Anya Taylor-Joy, who voices Peach, and Charlie Day, the voice of Luigi, let us hear their voicework for the movie for the first time with the trailer as well.

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♬ Mario like action game 2 - Jun Takahashi

Going back to Seth Rogen, we're still not sold on his Donkey Kong voice, especially since he didn't even bother masking his iconic laugh.

Only time will tell if movie audiences will be willing to sit through an entire film length hearing the said actors and actresses voice their favorite Nintendo characters. But, hey, at least the toys were awesome, right?

seth rogen donkey kong voice super mario movie trailer
Seth Rogen's voice is probably the reason why Mario thinks he can take on Donkey Kong.

Speaking of watching movies, The Super Mario Bros Movie's launch date is scattered all over the place. Nintendo's first big-budget animated film for Hollywood will launch in Belgium on March 22 then France on March 29 followed by Australia and New Zealand on March 30. Meanwhile, Universal Studios UK will release the movie in UK cinemas starting on March 31. It's presumed the rest of the world will join North America in welcoming The Super Mario Bros Movie to movie theaters on April 7.

The Super Mario Bros Movie is a huge undertaking for Nintendo that could pave the way for the Hollywood takeover of one of gaming's oldest brands. In addition to Mario, Nintendo is reportedly in the middle of developing a Legend of Zelda movie.

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