September's PlayStation Now games revealed

All the new games hitting the PlayStation Now service in September, and the length of their tenures, have been revealed.

It's a new month, which means a new PlayStation Now lineup. Sony has brought some seriously heavy hitters - ha - to the vault this month, though as always some of these new additions are only sticking around for a while. Read on to find out what games are on the PS Now menu.

The new additions will become available to subscribers on the 7th of September, which in certain parts of the world is already here at time of writing. While none of these titles are new, as is to be expected, they have all gained various measures of critical acclaim over the years, so if you are a subscriber and haven't tried them out yet, this is the chance.

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The flagship game in this month's selection is without a doubt Tekken 7. The latest entry in one of the titans of the fighting game genre, Tekken 7 might seem a bit intimidating for newcomers - but if you are willing to flex those combo muscles, it's time to fight. Tekken 7 will only stick around until the 28th of February, 2022, so make sure to jump on the train quick to get the most playtime out of it.

Some of you might be scratching your heads here - yes, Tekken 7 has already been part of the PS Now offerings in North America, but now the fighting game will be accessible to subscribers around the globe.

Joining Tekken 7 is Killing Floor 2, a popular zombie shooter from Tripwire Interactive. Tripwire Interactive recently made headlines because of its president publicly praising the abortion ban in Texas, so if you'd rather not financially support a company aligning itself with limiting women's rights, then being a PS Now subscriber can let you boycott while still trying out the game. That said, there really are better zombie shooters out there.

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A timeless classic of the medium.

Sony is rolling out five Final Fantasy titles on PS Now over the course of the next five months, with Final Fantasy VII being the first of the batch. This isn't the recent remake that focuses on a smaller snippet of the story - albeit extended and prettied up - but rather the retro original.

The rest of the list is studded with some indie hits and RPG greatness in Moonlighter, Ghost of a Tale, Windbound and Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Definitive Edition. Playing these titles via the PS Now subscription is a great way to experience them if you are on the fence, but if the games end up being to your liking, we do urge gamers to support their indie developers.

We'll wait and see if next month's Final Fantasy will be VIII - are they going consecutively, or is it more scattershot?

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