Secret Subway Easter Egg In Warzone - New Bruen 'Firebrand' Weapon Blueprint

A lot of unique content was added to Call of Duty: Warzone with Season 6, including a brand new easter egg that utilizes the new subway system.

Secret Subway Station Feature

Completing the easter egg rewards players with a beautiful Bruen blueprint called Firebrand. The whole concept is similar to the Bunker 11 easter egg, where you solve the easter egg to obtain a weapon blueprint.

In this guide we will cover everything you need to know about the easter egg, so that you may also obtain the new Firebrand. We have a full video guide as well, should you wish to check that.

Video Guide

Activation Code

Before diving into the main easter egg, you must find an activation code that will be used to start the easter egg. You do not have to worry about the activation code, since it always remains the name. The activation code is 2179.

But, for those who wish to learn how we get the activation code, carry on reading.

There are a total of seven subway stations that are added with the release of Season 6. These subway stations are used to fast travel in Warzone.

However, there is an eighth secret subway station as well that can be accessed by completing an easter egg.

The secret subway station is called the A.E. 2179 subway station. Yes, the name is the activation code combined with A.E.

To get to this name, you will notice that one particular station name on the subway station boards has redacted numbers. The code 2179 can be deduced by correlating the redacted parts on the boards of each subway station.

You can check out all the subway stations, but you only really need to go to two subway stations that will help you get the full activation code. The two subway stations are the one at Downtown and the one located at Torsk Bloc Subway.

Downtown Subway

If you look at the board halfway down the stairs, you will notice a station name with some redacted letters.

It reads A.E. - 1 - 9 (hyphen represents the redacted part).

Torsk Bloc Subway

Similarly, head over to the Torsk Bloc Subway next and check the board.

You will observe that there is a station with redacted letters that reads A.E. 2 - 7 -.

When you combine these two and correlate, you get your code that is 2179. Other stations also have the same station name with different redacted numbers.

Roman Numerals

You might already know the numbers in Roman numeral format and if you've forgotten, then you better refresh your memory.

You must know the roman numerals from 1-10 as they are used in this easter egg.


The paintings are the central part of this easter egg. You must familiarize yourself with the location of each painting and the image that shows up on the computer that represents that specific painting.

What paintings, you might ask? These are the paintings that you will find inside of the City Hall in Downtown. The first part of the easter egg requires you to go to the City Hall, and this is the most complicated part of this easter egg due to the time-sensitivity of this task.

When you are doing this easter egg, you will be shown four images that will be used to find a four-digit passcode. We will come to those in a bit.

For now, look at the images that can be shown on the computer and check the painting that they are from. We've assembled all of them to make it easier for you.

  • Bag
  • Medal
  • Monument
  • Shoulder
  • Arch
  • Bearded Face
  • Steeple
  • Mountains

Remember these images and the painting they represent.

Easter Egg Steps

Step 1 - Identifying the Passcode

The first step is to head over to the City Hall and find the activation keypad on the wall by the reception.

Enter the activation code 2719, and your timer starts. You will see the hall getting filled with poisonous gas. You won't be able to leave the lobby until you've found the passcode and entered it into the computer screen.

After activation, look directly opposite the activation keypad, and you will see a computer. When you get close to the computer, you will get a prompt to "Enter Password." When you select the option, the computer screen starts showing you the images mentioned above.

You will get to see precisely four images since the passcode that you will enter into this computer, later on, has four digits only. It will show an image and then either a positive number, a negative number, or no number at all.

The negative or positive number means either adding that number or subtracting that number from the number you find under the painting corresponding to that image. If there is no number shown after an image, then you do not need to do anything and can take that number as it is.

The numbers that you will find under the paintings will be displayed in Roman numeral form, so you must know the Roman format and then either add, subtract or do nothing depending on what it showed on the computer screen after the image.

Here is an example:

Suppose you got an image of a bag and the number right after the image is +2. You need to find a painting with the bag in it and then check the Roman number below the painting.

Add the Roman number to the 2 that you got after the image, and you will have 9. This 9 is your first digit out of the four that are needed to be entered into the computer as a passcode.

Step 2 - Entering the Passcode

This one needs a bit of practice and patience as it is not easy to do, considering the lack of time and gas filling up in the room.

To input the numbers, you will need to use your imagination, in a roundabout way. The numbers on the keypad are split into half with one section on top and the other at the bottom. You need to move from the top left to the bottom right of the keypad.

So that means that you must choose the top section of the code in order first and then choose the bottom section of the digits, in order of course.

If you mess up the order in the middle of doing this, you can erase and change it, but if you do it wrong at the end digit, then the full passcode will reset. So be careful not to make this mistake as it is guaranteed death.

Upon successful passcode input, you will see a green screen on the computer that reads "Subway Override Authorized."

The doors of the City Hall will open up, and you will be able to safely leave the hall.

Step 3 - Verdansk International Airport Subway Station

After completing the City Hall step, make your way to the Verdansk International Airport Subway Station.

Head downstairs and go through the double doors across the platform. You will see that on the computer screen it says "Verdansk Subway Authority" and a question asking whether you want to "Override System?"

Approach the control panel, and you will get an option to "Enter Computer Override" do it and wait for the computer to reboot.

Once the computer has rebooted, you will see a message stating "A.E. Train Arriving Soon". This is is a special train that you can only access through this easter egg.

Go back outside to the platform and wait for a new train to arrive. When you enter the train, you will notice that the destination indicator shows "Maintenance" instead of showing a regular destination, such as Lozoff Pass. This means that you've completed the easter egg.

The train will now take you to the secret subway station, A.E. 2719.

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