Secret Perkaholic Easter Egg On Forsaken (Complete Guide)

The Forsaken keeps getting better as more easter eggs are discovered on this map. Forsaken has plenty of side-easter eggs, including a secret perkaholic side-easter egg. And as the name suggests, yes, completing this side-easter egg rewards you with all the perks in-game. This easter egg does have a horror aspect and an eeriness to it.

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The side-easter egg might be a bit daunting for some at first, but it gets easier the more you do it. It requires a bit of practice, but it can be made even easier if you have a pen and paper with you to follow along.

A step in this side-easter egg requires you to go through a “Simon says” game, which we’re sure most of the zombies’ fans are already familiar with, given it was also on the classic map – The Moon.

You do not have to worry about the steps, as this guide will walk you through the entire easter egg with in-depth details. You can also refer to our video guide for visual reference.

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Note that you do not necessarily have to lift the lockdown to do this side-easter egg. However, we recommend killing the abomination that first spawns in the amplifier room upon approaching the teleporter.

This is important as you will be using the Tombstone Soda perk to transform into shadow form during the last step of this easter egg, and the abomination can kill you during that step. It would be best not to have it around during the step.

Yes, you will need the Tombstone Soda perk, but that will only cost you 2,500 points instead of 47,500 points to purchase all the perks!

You also need explosive equipment. It can be any equipment, including the semtex, frag grenade, and even C4. As long as it explodes, you can use it. You can typically get them as drops from the zombies, but you can always craft one at the crafting table if you don't.

Step 1 - VHS Tape

Once you've taken care of the abomination in the amplifier room, make your way to the video store in the eastern part of Anytown.

Head inside and go to the leftmost corner of the store by the horror-category shelf.

Throw your explosive equipment in the corner.

After the explosion, look carefully in that same corner, and you will notice a VHS tape on the ground resting by the wall.

You can pick this VHS tape up by proning next to it.

Step 2 - Simon Says

After picking up the VHS tape, make your way to the TV store across the street from the video store.

Head inside the store, and you will find a VCR on the counter with a prompt to insert the VHS tape.

Interact with it once to insert the VHS tape. Interact with it again to play the VHS tape.

Now comes the hard part. Make sure you have your pen and paper ready at this point. When you play the VHS tape, the four TVs on the shelf in front of you will light up. The colors of the TVs always remain the same. The colors are blue, green, orange, and yellow (left to right). This is the "Simon Says" game.

Before you proceed with the easter egg, it would be best if you number the TVs in order from 1 to 4, starting either from left to right or from right to left. Whatever you think is easier for you, you can go with it. As long as you're able to keep track of the TVs with numbers, you will have a relatively easier time following the sequences that are to come.

We numbered the TVs 1 to 4, starting from left to right. So, that would make blue-colored TV 1, green-colored 2, orange-colored 3, and yellow-colored 4.

After playing the VHS tape, all four TVs will light up twice before playing the first sequence. When the sequence starts, all the TVs will light up in a specific order. You need to keep track of the order in which they light up. There will be four numbers.

For us, the first sequence of TVs lit up in the following order: green, orange, blue, and yellow. According to our numbering, that would be 2,3,1 and 4. Once the sequence stops playing, you need to shoot each TV in the order it played earlier.

When done, the same sequence will play, followed by a new sequence. This leaves you with a total of two sequences and eight numbers.

The first sequence played was followed by the next sequence, which was orange (3), blue (1), yellow (four), and green (two).

After identifying the second sequence, you need to repeat both the first and the second sequence consecutively in the order they played. This is why it is best to number the TVs and have a notepad to write down the order. It helps a lot.

It would be best to have one zombie alive at the end of the round if you're doing this easter egg solo. Otherwise, you can have a friend lure the last zombie somewhere away from you so that you can do this step without any issues.

After shooting the sequences correctly, both the first and second sequences will repeat, followed by another sequence. The third sequence is the last in this step.

For our final sequence, we got orange (3), blue (1), green (2), and yellow (4). It gives us our final complete set of sequences which is: green (2), orange (3), blue (1), yellow (4), orange (3), blue (1), yellow (4), green (2), orange (3), blue (1), green (2), and yellow (4). You will now have three sequences and 12 numbers.

You need to shoot the screens in order starting from the first sequence to the last sequence. If done correctly, the TV in the middle of the shelf will light up green, and you can interact with it.

Note that the order of the sequence is always random. The colors of the TVs always remain the same, though.

When you interact with the TV, your screen will go black & white with a static effect.

This is where the eeriness of this easter egg begins. As soon as you interact with the TV, run outside to an open area and look around for a floating mannequin ghost. It will have fiery glowing eyes and subtle flames all over its body.

The ghost will slowly approach you but will disappear shortly after. You need to stay away from this ghost. If it touches you, you will instantly die on the spot.

The ghost will regularly appear in short intervals of time on the map to haunt you until you complete this easter egg.

Step 3 - Particle Accelerator

Now we move on to our last step, which involves the Particle Accelerator room in the bunker. Before going to the Particle Accelerator room, buy the Tombstone Soda perk either from the perk machine or the Wunderfizz perk machine in the board room.

The board room will only be open if you've lifted the lockdown. If you've done that, you can purchase it from Wunderfizz. Otherwise, you have to go back to the main street to buy the Tombstone Soda perk.

After purchasing the Tombstone Soda perk, make your way back to the bunker and stand in front of the Particle Accelerator.

Make sure you do this step towards the end of the round with only one zombie alive. Stand in front of the Particle Accelerator and let the zombie down you.

Once down, wait for the zombie to run a bit far away from you and activate your Tombstone Shadow mode.

You always spawn slightly far away from your body, but not too far. When in Shadow Mode, run back to the Particle Accelerator, and you will notice that the ghost mannequin is on top of the Particle Accelerator.

You need to shoot the mannequin, and it will multiply every time you shoot it. You can use whatever weapon you wish, but we recommend having an auto-rifle as it makes this step a bit easier. When multiplied, you can identify the correct mannequin by looking for a fiery glowing head with flames on it.

You can also confirm whether you've shot the correct mannequin or not by the hit markers. When you shoot the correct mannequin, you will get red hit markers.

Whenever you find it, shoot it, and it will multiply.

After shooting 6-7 times, the mannequin will disappear, and you need to go and quickly revive yourself.

Remember, there is a zombie always chasing you if you've left one alive. After shooting the mannequin 2-3 times, you can kill the last zombie bothering you as there is always a slight delay before the next wave spawns for the next round. That delay is plenty enough for you to shoot the mannequin three to four times.

When revived, you will have all the perks on the map.

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